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HYC New Production Building Successfully Capped

HYC New Production Building Successfully Capped
On March 31, with the pouring of the last piece of concrete, the main body
structure of the HYC new production base was successfully capped. At present, the
architectural configuration of new production building of the first phase project
was taken shape. This is a brand new milestone of the whole HYC new industry park
Project is located in Qingyuan city, Guangdong Province, a total construction area
of 40,000 square meters, and is composed of five-story multi-storey buildings. It is
invested with 130 million yuan. Since July 2019, when the first phase project started
construction, construction of HYC new industry park has been progressing steadily
according to the schedule, with all projects moving forward smoothly. Now the
main concrete structure of the production building was capped.
△ Sketch of the HYC production base
The completion of the HYC device production base, which carries the dreams of all
HYC people, will help HYC greatly enhance its production capacity, R&D innovation
ability and market core competitiveness, so as to better serve the society, and to
start a whole new chapter with a brand new look. Let's look forward to the early
completion of HYC beautiful new home!
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