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Native Colorado Insect Arthropod Guide (1)

Native Colorado Insect Arthropod Guide
Go to the website http://www.wci.colostate.edu/native_insects.shtml to answer the following questions
1) What spider in Colorado is the most famous for its HUGE fangs? What does this spider eat? Is it
native to Colorado?
2) Find two types of beetles that burrow into pine trees in Colorado. Draw a picture of these identifying
their characteristics.
3) What are the species of fireflies that produce light? What are the species of non light producing
fireflies? Do we have fireflies in Fort Collins? If so what species? What enzyme and items are needed to
produce light in a firefly?
4) What Family of Insect is a Masked Hunter in? What do they eat? How do they go about feeding?
5) How many species of mantids are in Colorado? What is the egg sac of a preying mantis called? What is
the difference between a male and female praying mantis? How can you tell if the mantid is a European
6) What is the largest moth found in Colorado? What are the “myths” surrounding this moth? Where
does it originate from?
7) What is the state insect of Colorado? Hint it is a butterfly!
8) What type of arthropods is a Rolly Polly? How do they breathe?
9) What are craneflies? Why is the Mosquito Hawk a bad name for these flies? How many species of
crane fly are there?
10) What is a Jerusalem Cricket? Describe what they eat and where they live?
11) What is a tadpole shrimp? What is unique about the biology of the tadpole shrimp? Where do they
12) What insect most resembles a branch or stick? How many species are there in Colorado?
13) What are three species of tarantula found in Colorado? If you see a tarantula is it a male or female?
Where do tarantulas live? What do they typically eat? What types of natural enemies do tarantulas
14) What is unique about the Sirex Woodwasp development? Describe its’ life cycle.
15) What is a house centipede? How do they differ visually from a normal centipede? What explanation
would explain why they may scurry toward you when you flick on the lights? Where are they originally
16) What family of beetle are burying beetles in? What do they typically feed on?
17) How did the blister beetle get its name? What compound is it? What is the habitat are many blister
beetles found?