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Storytelling and Building Community

Campfire Stories
We all have stories to share
The purpose of sharing stories:
🔥 To build a positive caring classroom community
🔥 To share stories that connect you to each other
🔥 To practice thoughtful conversations
🔥 To appreciate the value of storytelling as a way
to learn about others
How will I know what to say?
something you saw
or admired
Recall things
that evoke strong
Use questions to
guide your memories
Tell about a
specific event in
your life
Think of something
you may have in
common with others
Use another story
as a connection
or reminder of
your story
While you are listening to others…
Notice how everyone’s stories give us a better
understanding of each other
Notice how your thinking can be enriched by
someone else’s thinking
Core Competency:
Sharing stories is not just about you. It involves all the people
in the group. Show respect by listening with interest.
Don’t interrupt.
Small Group Skills
does his/her best to recall the events/details of a holiday memory.
Quiet pauses to think are acceptable, but avoid making your audience
are patient and curious about the story. After the story is told, try
to ask questions that help the storyteller give more details. Try to
paraphrase parts of the story.
Describe when time moved too
slowly or too quickly.
Tell about your favourite way to
spend a day.
Describe a gift that you received. Was it
something you really wanted?
Was there a gift that you didn’t like?
Was there a gift you wanted but didn’t
List 10 things that made you smile.
Describe one of the meals you had. Describe a day/moment using only
(i.e. traditional holiday dinner, or
the five senses.
family breakfast)
Was the holiday too long or too
short? Did you experience
What would you continue to do if
you had more holiday time?
Was there a time when the
weather affected your plans for
the day?
What is a holiday tradition that you
follow? What are your thoughts
about that tradition?
What was a gift that you gave to
someone? Why did you choose
that gift for them?
What is something that you don’t
like about the winter break, or the
Tell a story about your pet.
Stories and connections
How successful was your group in sharing
What did you notice about your own and your
classmates’ reflections on their holiday?