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FY027 Portfolio Index

FY027 – Preparing for Success: Self Development and Responsibility
Portfolio Index
Introduction: Answer the question: How and why have mini-project workshops
contributed towards the development of your employability? Within approximately
500 words.
Updated CV: Add your updated CV. No word limit.
Personal Development Plan (PDP): describe in a few words four weeks’ taught topics
and include the following information in the table for each of these weeks: What was
the Topic? What was I expecting to learn? What have I learned? How will I apply this
Action Plan: Including information of the objectives as a student for academic and
professional development [i.e. Objectives (List of Student’s Objectives); Tasks (What
a Student need to do to achieve these objectives); Success Criteria (How a student
can identify its success); Time Frame (By when you need to achieve the tasks)].
Personal Time Management table (Weekly Timetable): describe in detail a typical
week plan, or else a weekly schedule, including both personal and academic tasks.
For example, sleeping, shopping, studying, attending lectures, working, etc.
Reading Log: Mention at least five sources that you have read related to the topic of
employability (e.g. books, academic journal articles, newspapers, etc.) and list for
these sources on the Reading Log: the reading information, author and book title,
page started and ended, and main points noted from each source.
Academic writing: Add within a Word document screenshots of the first 2-3 pages of
three to five examples of academic writing, such as academic articles, which should
be related to the topic of employability.
Delivered workshops: Write a summary of each workshop during classes (at least
three workshops). For example, on Harvard referencing, Communication Skills,
Academic writing, CV Writing, etc. The summary should be approximately 100 words
for each workshop.
Reflection notes: After lectures, write a summary of 200 words as a reflection of
what you have understood from the lecture, what were the main points you will use
in your practice, and your strengths and weaknesses in relation to this topic. Please
write summaries for at least three of the lectures for this module.
Photos of work produced in class: add to a Word document five photos of
handwritten or typed notes that you have made during classes, class activities,
and/or preparation for group presentation. Please make sure the photos have
titles/captions, so you describe during which class and topic they were made.
Research proposal: You can add screenshots on a Word document of the research
proposal that you have developed for the module FY028 – Inquiry Based Learning.
Please pay attention not to add the Word document, only photos of it or screenshots
otherwise the similarity will be high on Turnitin.
Summary: Provide a summary of approximately 500 words with an answer to the
question: Why did you choose these files in relation to employability? Justify why
you chose to use these sources in your document above.
References: Add on a Word document all the sources that you have used in the
various documents above of your Portfolio
Study collections