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Analyse your text using the table below: Diction Choice of words/emotive language? language style/ Atmosphere/Mood What is the mood? Does it change? Why has it been created? Meaning / Message What is the writer trying to tell us?/What has made the author write the book?/Who is the audience? Progression – What happens during the passage and how does this affect our understanding? /Tense/time/place changes?


Figurative Language: Metaphors/similes/Personi fication, cliché, hyperbole, Why and how are they used? Imagery: Language that appeals to the senses? Why and how is it used? What is the effect on the reader? Big 5 W’s: What is happening? What has just happened / is going to happen? Where and when is the setting? Who is the speaker? To whom are they speaking? Sound: Alliteration/Assonance/Co nsonance/Onomatopoeia/ How and why do these effects function? What is their purpose? Context: Writer’s background and social & historical context. How do they relate to our understanding of the text?

Organisation: How is the text structured? Short / Long sentences? How is tension created? Which part of the novel is it? What is the function of this section? Punctuation (ellipsis… etc) Symbols – What symbols are used? What are they meant to represent? What is their connotation? What is their effect? Themes / Tone What themes are present in the text? Where have they been explored in other parts of the book? What is the writer’s attitude towards the subject / his or her audience? What is the writer’s POV? Personal Response How do you feel about this text? Does it interest / annoy / confuse / delight you? Why?