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Teacher Duties

Duties of Teacher
Some general duties of a teacher are following:
 Teacher shall sign attendance register at arrival and departure time on
daily basis.
 Teacher must be regular and punctual in their attendance at all time.
 Teacher will not leave the school premises during school hours without
the permission of Principal.
 Teacher will conduct planned instructions for assigned students.
 Teacher should provide guidance to enhance their social and personal
 Teacher will be helpful for students to assist them for the selection of
useful library books.
 A great responsibility of teacher to manage classroom routines and
instructions as activities effectively.
 Will be responsible for replacement / cost of any resources damaged
during her custody.
 Check students notebooks ethically, avoid overwriting such as vague
remarks good, poor etc.
 Correction of work shall be vigilantly done by the teacher.
 Put a small tick inside margins of pages not cross or overwrite a long tick
across the page during notebook checkup.
 Keep the teacher planner up to date and safe at all times.
 Submit reports and maintain records by APSACS administration allotted.
 Make students assessment regularly and report to parents.
 Maintain cordial professional relationship with staff, students and parents.
 Save energy and resources of school beings a responsible person.