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bridging visa A Perks

Know About The Perks Of Bridging Visa A
What Is Bridging visa A?
The bridging visa A allows you to stay legally in
Australia when your current visa has expired or the
application for the new one is under process. This visa
is valid till the date you receive the new substantive visa
or decision has been declared for the same by the
departement. Moreover, you may get the permission to
work in Australia if you fulfil the required conditions.
Who Can Apply For Subclass 010?
Unlike other visas, there is no requirement to apply
separately for this visa as while applying for your
substantive visa it is deemed to grant the bridging visa
A. Below mentioned are a few scenarios where bridging
visa A is granted:
1. As your substantive visa is under process so in order
to fill the gap to make you a legal citizen this bridging
visa is granted.
2. When there is a case that your application for the
substantive visa has been refused by the department of
home affairs and you have appealed for the review from
the court then this bridging visa is granted in order to
stay until the decision is made.
3. If you already have bridging visa A but it has
restrictions on working rights then you can also apply
for the new subclass 010 with no restrictions.
Validity Of Subclass 010
1. When the decision for your judicial review has been
2. If your substantive visa is refused then this bridging
visa will be ended too.
3. If you withdraw your application for judicial review,
merit review, substantive visa before decision is made
then this bridging visa 010 will be ended with the
sudden effect.
Perks That You Get With Bridging
Visa A
1. With this visa subclass 010, you are allowed to work
in Australia to vagrant financial related issues while
2. Live legally in Australia till the date you receive the
new visa or decision has been made for your
3. Even if you have appealed for judicial review then
also you can stay conveniently with this visa.
Conditions For Bridging Visa A
Subclass 010
1. To apply for this bridging visa, your current visa is
expired or about to expire in a few days.
2. You should be present in Australia while applying for
this visa.
3. You need to meet the medical and personal test to
obtain this bridging visa.
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