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listening activity 1

Name of
the Lesson
Process of Communication in
Communication Process and
Components of Basic
Communication Skill
Develop Listening Component of
Basic Communication
Grade Level
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Masters level
20 mins
Ms. Rukhsana Khan
Listening for specific information: Listening actively to the keywords or for
specific details.
Activity Objective(s):
1. To help participants develop their listening skills by listening for specific information.
2. To help participants build up on effective communication through the activity.
 Chairs
Activity Name: Food for Thought
Starter: (5 mins)
Start the activity with an energizer - Ask the participants to say
“Spot spot spot spot spot – 5 times, and then ask immediately what
does the green light say? Most of the participants will say stop! The
answer is “go.” Then ask the participants to spell “coast” and
“roast” and then immediately ask, what do we put in a toaster?
Most of the participants will say toast! The answer is “bread”
 Then for the activity:
1. Have participants sit in a circle on chairs.
Activity Procedure:
(10 mins)
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2. Each participant has to say their name and also a food they like
that begins with the same first letter as their first name. For
example, “My name is Rukhsana and I like Rasgullas.”
3. The next participant does the same, but also repeats the previous
one. For example, “My name is Fatema and I like french fries.
She’s Rukhsana and she likes Rasgullas.”
4. Continue till the first participant, who started the game, says the
names of the participants and their favourite foods correctly.
5. The participant who makes a mistake has to come and sit in the
first participant’s place.
6. And so on around the circle. It gets harder the more participants
you have.
Activity Strategy
(5 mins)
Individual Work
 What were the keywords you were looking for while listening
during the whole activity?
 Discussion on listening for specific details and how it helps in
communication process when you are supposed to listen to the
communicator and look for only specific detail or keywords?
Or words that are relevant to the information you are listening
Eg: You are listening to a train announcement or a weather report.
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