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Benefits of Respirator Face Mask for Personal Safety

• Respirators are a kind of unique face masks that protect the wearer from
inhaling dangerous gases or airborne particles that can affect the health of
the wearer in a negative manner. Respirators are also useful for preventing
dust and other tiny particles that may cause allergy or any other serious
medical condition. Respirators can also prevent toxic gases, vapour, and
• It is called Respirator because people wearing them can be protected from
air particles and fumes that can cause or aggravate their respiratory
conditions. The Respirator masks are beneficial for people who suffer from
conditions such as asthma, influenza, chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, etc.
• Respirator masks are different from other comfort or
medical masks. These masks are usually called N 95
respirator masks because it decreases 95% of the
harmful particles that will aggravate the medical
conditions entering the respiratory system of the
person wearing them.
There are mainly two types of Respirator masks:
• The first one is the one that is purifying in nature. It
purifies the air and then provides clean air to the
• The other kind of Respirator mask is a supplier kind.
It supplies alternate breathable air to the user.
Air-purifying Respirator masks come in all
shapes and sizes:
• There are cheap ones that can be thrown away after
a single-use. They are called dust masks.
• There are also strong reusable ones that feature
cartridges. These are called gas masks. These are
very sturdy and can be used for a long time.
Benefits of Respirator Face Masks:
• The main advantage of the face mask respirator is that it
protects the respiratory tract of the person wearing them.
• Respirator Masks are different from regular face masks. They
can filter out both small and large airborne particles.
• These masks are very useful for preventing several of flues
caused by the viruses.
• Respirators are made specially to protect people from hazardous air
• They will protect the painter from harmful fumes from chemical paints to
enter their systems.
• They can also be used while handling other harmful toxic chemicals.
• They make a seal around the face so that no particle or viruses can go in.
• Healthcare workers use them to protect themselves from tuberculosis and
other similar harmful viruses like PM 2.5.
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