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BIO 1308 QUIZ 1 Summer 2016 (Ch 1)

Chapter 1
1. Which domain is defined by cells that have
a nucleus?
2. Name two characteristics of living things.
3. Which kind of reproduction produces an
exact copy (clone) of an organism?
4. ________________ is all the changes that
happen in an organism’s life between birth
and death.
5. The process of deciding on the
criteria/characteristics to sort living
organisms is called:
6. What is homeostasis?
7. Cells of the same kind doing the same job
make up a ___________.
8. What is one reason an organism might
move in response to a stimulus?
9. The change of a species over time to adapt
to environmental changes is called:
10. If an organism is multicelled and gets
nutrients by eating other living organism,
which kingdom does it belong in?