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How to Improve Staff Morale

Good morning, dear colleagues. Today I want to tell You about the motivation system in my father's
Department. In General, my mother gave him the idea to motivate his employees in some way. This is a
very funny story. As a child, my younger brother and I were very restless children. We loved to play
pranks but hated to do chores around the house. Then my mother came up with a special system. For
every useful task we received a cardboard medal, and for every misdemeanor the medal was taken
away from us. Five medals could be exchanged for going to the theater, ten for going to the movies, and
so on, it was a long time ago, so I don't remember everything very well. The only thing I remember very
well is that you could get an order for 30 medals. This order could be exchanged for any toy we wanted,
within reason, of course. Gradually, the system developed. With the medal, we switched to personal
diaries. The responsibilities also became more complex each year, but the rewards received also
increased. So after about five years of using this system, my father thought, " why not try this system
out on my employees?" Naturally, his motivation system was more serious than my mother's, but the
basis remained the same. Each employee has a personal diary. All his misdeeds and achievements are
recorded there. For each achievement, the employee receives several points. for example, completing a
project before the deadline gives the employee about 50 points. For each misdemeanor, the employee
loses points, for example, being late for work threatens to deduct 10 points. At the end of each month,
my father adds up everyone's points, and distributes bonuses based on that. I think this is a very
advanced and universal system.