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Outline of Topics
Research Methodology
Types of Research Methodologies
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Mixed Research
Data Analysis
A theory is constructed for explaining some phenomena, situations in the real world or any
behaviour type.
In the case of a research paper or a dissertation, the theory is formulated to explain, predict
and realise the phenomena which are assumed to happen in reality.
In support of this theory, the theoretical framework is structured for introducing and
describing the theory that can explain the reason for a reason for the research problem.
Research Methodology
Research methodology is considered as a significant part of a research paper.
The principal aim of this research methodology is to explain the techniques which are useful
or can be useful for obtaining the data or information.
A relevant and useful research methodology is very important to support the theory which is
needed to be constructed.
Inspite of performing a thorough literature review, the research paper is mainly based on the
findings made by relevant research methodology.
Types of Research Methodologies
There are three types of research methodologies which are utilised in constructing a theory.
Those are qualitative, quantitative and mixed.
The mixed research methodology includes both quantitative and qualitative research
Therefore, to understand the role of the research methodology in constructing a theory, it is
required to emphasize both the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.
Qualitative Research
In qualitative study, the main aim indicates to understand social phenomena by investigations
and interpretation of various meaning as attached to the research.
The key principle is based on subjectivity instead of making interpretations.
The theory will be developed during or after the research work is conducted.
In the second step, data analysis and data observation is performed based on the similar
pattern and finally based on the observations or findings of the data, a theory can be developed.
Quantitative Research
In quantitative study, the enquiry is developed depending on testing the theory which is made up of
various variables and those are measured based on the numbers.
It is needed to check whether the result performed by the tool and the prediction of the theory will be
matched or not in this quantitative research methodology.
In this case, the core principle is based on the objectivity and the study is found to associate with
positivist or post-positivist or both types of the research paradigm.
In deductive process, the hypothesis can be developed depending on the existing theory.
Mixed Research
The mixed research methodology is required to prefer where both the qualitative and
quantitative research process is needed to follow in constructing a theory.
In mixed methodology, mainly sequential and explanatory approached are used for
evaluating the concept that has to be observed for constructing the theory.
The explanatory sequential design includes two different phases.
First one refers to the initial quantitative instrument phase and it is followed by the second
phase of qualitative data collection.
Data Analysis
Data analysis plays an important role in conducting research methodology.
There are several ways based on which data collection is performed with the sample size.
Those are online or offline surveys, questionnaires, direct interviews etc.
In quantitative methodology, data collection is performed by surveys and questionnaires
including close-ended questions.
The theory is mainly constructed based on the inductive or deductive approach of different
research methodologies.
The quantitative and qualitative research methodology can be carried out by considering suitable
data collection methods.
The sample size is also needed to choose so that it can support the measurement for
constructing the theory with an unbiased way.
Open-ended and closed-ended questions are developed based on the research methodology so
that an effective theory can be developed from the research performed.
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