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Essay writing practice

Essay writing practice
Title: Should communications and tech companies hand over customers’ private information to Governments or
law enforcement agencies?
What are some reasons to say yes?
What information should the government have access to? What is off-limits?
What are the reasons to say no? Are there any risks in saying no?
Start with real-life example. Explain briefly what happened here.
Example introduction:
Use real-life example such as the
case here. Summarize it and
mention the relevant points (FBI
and Apple).
Describe the main idea of your
essay here. What points will you
In December 2015, two terrorists killed 14 people and wounded 22 others in
San Bernardino, California. Afterwards, the FBI found an Apple Iphone
belonging to one of the shooters. The phone was protected by a password, so
the data inside could not be accessed. The FBI asked Apple to unlock the
phone, but Apple refused because they believed protecting the privacy of its
customers was more important.
The issue of consumer privacy versus law enforcement is very divisive.
Many people disagree about how much of our private information should be
given to government agencies like the FBI, or the police. What is more
important? Privacy or national security?
Now write your introduction. Use the example above as a template.
Here you go into detail. Use the arguments in the book (3.4) as your material. Organize into pros and cons. Use a
phrase like this to open:
Example Body phrases- part 1
Although many people value their privacy, some might argue that there are sometimes good reasons for governments to
access our information. For example………..
Let’s begin by examining the arguments against governments and law enforcement agencies accessing our private
While it is important that we keep our country safe against such danger, it is also important that we consider the risk of
Governments spying on citizens..
Example Body phrases- part 2
Despite the arguments mentioned in favor of national security over the rights of citizens to protect our information, the
opposite viewpoints are also very important. For example..
So, does this mean that governments should never be allowed to access the data on our devices? Some people may argue that
there are times when it is necessary. For example…
Let’s turn our attention to the arguments in favor of ….
Summarize the points in the book (page 202-203) into for/against.
Remember to summarize the key arguments. Add your own question or statement of your opinion. Use a phrase
such as: in conclusion, to conclude, ultimately, in summary, to sum up, all in all, all things considered.
Ultimately, despite the strong arguments that keeping our information private is our basic right as free citizens, the evidence above
shows that serious crimes can be prevented if law enforcement agencies have access to information.
In my opinion, this is a price worth paying because if we have nothing to hide, why should we worry?