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Sub plans Oct 16

Lesson Plan: Rhythm and Counting.
Music: Students can learn and create
rhythmic patterns using the quarter
note, eighth note, and quarter rest.
Math: Students will be able to count to
4 by adding a series of notes together.
Time: 5 min
Review with them over beat. What is beat?
Beat: A steady pattern of rhythmic movement that controls the speed at which the music is played.
Time: 10
Introduce the Quarter and Eighth notes, and the Quarter rest.
Quarter note
Eighth Note
Quarter rest
Worth: 1 beat
Worth: 1 beat
Worth: 1 beat
Syllable: ta
Syllable: ti-ti
Syllable: Shh
Engage: Tap a few patterns, using the hand drum and speaking the syllables, and have the students echo
you using their hands to clap. (the count for the pattern is… 1- 2- 3- 4)
1. Ta ta ti-ti ta
3. Ti-ti ti-ti ta ta
2. Ta shh ti-ti ta
4. Ti-ti shh ta ta
Have students complete the worksheet, drawing the quarter note, eighth note, and quarter rest.
As students finish the worksheet, they may partner up and work at the music stations working on
rhythm patterns.
Rhythm Stations: Time: 25 min; about 7 min at each station, then rotate. Notify them that
when you ring the bell (on my desk) 1 time, that it is time to rotate stations.
Cups: Students will get 2 cups of each color; 2 green, 2 blue, 2 orange. With a partner,
students will place the cups (Green, Blue, and Orange, each have one of the notes on them) in a rhythmic
pattern but it must equal 4 beats. The partner will clap the rhythm, if they get it correct, they can
alternate. Objective: for students to create different rhythmic patterns using the learned notes and rest,
and to count the note worth to 4 beats.
Small Yellow Cards: Students will work with their partner putting the rhythms together
to equal 4 beats; speaking and clapping the rhythms.
Large Yellow Cards: Students will work with their partner in just speaking and
clapping the rhythms.
Note: Don’t worry about the ‘I have, who has?’ game. If you would put that on my desk in the black
basket please.
We start the class with our song… Once they are quiet and settled, If you point to your eyes, they will
start singing
Eyes are watching, Ears are listening
Voices quiet, Bodies Still
This is how we listen, This is how we listen
At art time, at art time.
Here is a link to show them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTmk_ADNOgg (or just YouTube
preschool prodigies, sweet beats), play the 1st three videos.
There will be a worksheet for them to color.