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WiFi900 SampleUAT20161026

An example on User Acceptance Test for WiFi 900
This User Acceptance Test (UAT) is suggested to be conducted by service provider to prove that the service expected by school could be
delivered through the new WiFi infrastructure. The following tests are proposed for schools’ reference.
Test 1: Connectivity Test
Aim of this test: To ensure the ability of the connectivity, coverage and speed of the WiFi infrastructure.
Test scenario
Expected result
Pass /
1.1 Internet
All 40 mobile devices can browse websites at the same
time while all devices are connecting with the WiFi
1.2 Speed Test
All 40 mobile devices can obtain the desired speed
measured by the broadband performance testing tools
provided by OFCA or HKEDCITY
Download URLs:
Test execution
Test 2: CRS (Classroom Response System) Test
Aim of this test: To ensure the speed, stability and synchronisation of the WiFi infrastructure with concurrent and instant responses.
Test scenario
2.1 Test with *NearPod
Expected result
Pass /
a. Teachers can use Nearpod to broadcast content to
students’ mobile devices and to manage the flow
of the lecture instantly.
b. Students can use Nearpod on their mobile devices
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Test execution date
to receive multimedia content and to participate
in engaging assessment
activities smoothly.
c. Teachers can receive and show the activity results
2.2 Test with *Socrative.
a. Teachers can initiate formative assessments
through quizzes, quick question polls and space
races to the clients’ mobile devices instantly.
b. Students can give instant responses to teachers
and teachers can receive the responses from
students in the same pace.
2.3 Test with e-textbook a. Teachers can test any e-textbook that will be used
in classes.
*NearPod and Socrative both are interactive learning system that allows teachers to broadcast their presentation/exercise to students’ mobile
device inside or outside classroom through the wireless network. Students can use the systems to give instant responses for example drawing,
multiple choice, true/false or poll.
Meet NearPod: https://app.nearpod.com/#/presentation?pin=MOCYF
Video of how NearPod works: http://www.nearpod.com/how-it-works/
Socrative Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YYjGYPx7t0
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Test 3: Multimedia Test
Aim of this test: To ensure the transmission speed and capacities of the WiFi infrastructure.
Test scenario
Expected result
3.1 Video Playing
a. All devices can play YouTube video at the same time
3.2 Video Uploading
a. Users can upload a video to the website, learning
platform or any cloud server with normal speed.
Pass /
Test execution
Pass /
Test execution
Test 4: Mirroring Test (Optional)
Aim of this test: To ensure the screen can be projected via the WiFi infrastructure.
Test scenario
4.1 Screen Projection
Expected result
Teachers and students can project their screen.
Freeware such as iTools may be needed if the WiFi
infrastructure is integrated with school LAN while
mirroring tool such as Apple TV, Mobizen, Xiaomi Box
(these tools are not included in the standard provision)
may be needed while the WiFi infrastructure is
separated from school LAN.
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