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Grade 11

Grade 11
Paper 1 Part A.
(1) From the following values, find the 1st approximation of √20
(2) Express in Logarithmic form 2 = 10
(3) Add 1/x + 2/3x
(4) If the given below triangles are congruent, then find the case of congruency of them.
Find the least common multiple (LCM) of 2x2 , 3xy
Find the factors - x2 + 7x +10
Solve 6/x -1 =5
If the annual simple interest received by a person who loaned Rs. 10,000 is Rs. 2,000. Fine the
simple interest rate he charges?
(9) Market price of a wooden table is Rs. 5,000. If a 10% discount is given to the customer for
outright purchase. Find the outright price of the table.
(10)Find the Curved surface area of the cone given below.
(11) Find x
(12)If the area of the cross section of the prism is 6cm2. Calculate the volume of it.
(13) Solve the inequality 3x-4 ≤ 5
(14)Express in index form log2
32 =5
(15) According to the information given in the figure, find the value of x
(16) According to the information given in the figure calculate the AB arc length.
(17) Shade the region (AᴖB’) in the given Venn diagram.
(18) Find the gradient of PQ according to the information given in the figure.
(19) It took 6 men 4 days to complete the certain task. How many days will 4men require to
complete the task.
(20) Solve
2x-1 x 8 = 42x
(21) Simplify log 80 – 3 log 2
(22) Write in positive indices
(23) Vishwa who is on the 2nd floor of the Hospital observe a car parked on the road at an angle of
depression 400 mark it on the diagram.
(24) Find the value of 982 using square of a binomial expressions.
(25) PQR in the triangle shown in the figure draw a sketch of the constructions lines required to
locate the point S on PQ such that PS = SQ
Part B
(1) Saman wished to give ½ of his land to his wife and divide the remaining portion equally among
his three children. But due to an unexpected situation, he had to sell 1/4th of his land. The
remaining land was divided as previously intended.
After selling 1/4th of the land, what fraction of the land remaining?
What portion of the total land did his wife received?
What portion of the total land did a child receive?
If the portion of land a child received is 200 sq.meter. Find the total area of the
land Saman owned.
(2) The figure depicts a trapezium plot of land with a semi circular flower bed at the side of it as
given below.
Find the radius of the semi circular part.
Find the perimeter of the plot of land.
Find the area of the flower bed.
It has been decided to replace the flower bed with grasses. To cover 5m2 grass a certain
company charges Rs. 10. Find the total amount of money needs to cover the semi
circular part with grasses.
(3) The following pie chart illustrates the information on the types of vegetables cultivated on a
certain plot of land by group of farmers. Each farmer grew only one type of vegetable. Number
of farmers who selected carrot is equal to the number of farmer who selected cabbage.
Fid the magnitude of the angle at the center of the sector that represent the farmer
who selected the potatoes.
The number of farmer who selected leeks is 180. Find the no of farmers who selected
Find the total number of farmers represented in this pie chart.
After two years 1/5th of the farmers who had been growing potatoes joined to grow
Find the magnitude of the angel at the center of the sector which represent the farmer
growing carrots and find the number of farmer growing potatoes now.
(4) Food sufficient for 16 days for a group of 15 students in a hostel.
For how many days is the food stored in the hostel sufficient for a student.
After 2 days if 6 more students came to hotel. Find the number of days food sufficient
for all students in the hostel now.
What is the reduction in the number of days for which the food is sufficient due to the
increase of students.
(5) There are 5 identical pens (2 BLUE, 2 BLACK, and 1 RED) in a bag. Sural wants to write word
“”AM””. She took a pen randomly and wrote the letter A and replace the pen in to the bag.
Again she took the pen in randomly and write the letter M.
Show the relevant sample space in the given grid.
Find the probability that the 1st letter is being blue and second letter being black.
Find the probability that the 1st letter being red and 2nd being Black.
Find the probability that the word “”AM”” being same color.