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Breaking the code of silence - Essay

Breaking the code of silence.
I opened my eyes for the very first time that day. I was immediately blinded by
striking bright, harsh and electrified light. I felt a weird Sensation. It was fair to
say that I've never experienced a feeling like this in my entire life! I could hear
the faint tick tock of a clock. Silence had been broken.
I felt unusually cold. It was as if someone had pulled my body out of a warm
and cosy tent in the Arabian Desert and thrown me into the ice-cold and
dangerous place that is the North Pole. The sudden change in temperature was
so drastic that I was actually struggling to breathe. Despite this I've never felt
more alive before! Silence had remained broken.
I felt liquid dripping from my body. This liquid was definitely not water. It felt
thick, slimy and had a tingling sensation. I tried to get a closer look. I saw red.
The liquid was blood! I was covered in blood! All of a sudden, a cloth was
thrown over me and the blood was wiped away. I was then covered in a thick
velvet blanket. It was as if I was back in my tent in the Arabian Desert. Silence
was restored. Except it wasn't. Something was different. I could still hear the
faint tick tock of a clock in the distance. Silence remained broken.
As my eyes adjusted to the new environment, I was able to hear something
much louder than the tick tock of the clock. I could hear someone crying very
loudly. tears of Joy I thought? No! I listened closely. These were not tears of
Joy. The person crying was myself! That was weird. I did not think that I had
anything to cry about, so why was I crying? I felt extremely tired, so I tried to
close my eyes. I'll figure everything out when I wake up. Silence had been
For few seconds I closed my eyes and I had the best sleep since I was born. This
was until I was rudely woken up by lots of loud screams from different people
the loudest was from a woman I had never seen before. It was hard to hear
what she was saying, but it sounded like: “please, there must be something
you can do!” At this moment multiple people in weird blue coats stormed into
the room. Silence had been broken.
There was a sense of urgency in the room. There were frantic moments as the
blue-coats tried to solve the problem. A problem which I did not understand. I
felt hands grab me and the shouting intensified. At that moment it felt as if
time had slowed down.
Everything around me felt blurry and colourless. I struggled to feel anything.
“Maybe I can take that nap now”, I thought as I closed my eyes for the very last
time. Silence, had been restored…
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