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Assessment centers exercises, tasks, and tests

Assessment centers: exercises, tasks, and tests
Each assessment center is different, although almost all share a certain type of exercise or
situation. Something that they usually have in common, for example, is that they generate a
situation of artificial stress for 11 Plus Papers among the candidates. The exercises have not
been thought precisely so that the candidate feels comfortable. Rather, quite the opposite: the
stress factor increases artificially. Once these conditions are created, the candidate is asked to
perform a series of typical and other specific tasks of each assessment center.
Here are some activities given for 11 Plus Common Entrance:
Personal presentation
Normally, an assessment center begins with a job interview in the known format, although
with a variant. Instead of following the typical question and answer script, the candidate is
often asked to make a free presentation of himself. In addition to knowing the candidate
better, this presentation also serves to obtain information about their performance in these
types of situations, which may be uncomfortable. Showing an attitude of security and
authenticity plays a key role at this point, and these are two very sought after qualities.
Role-plays are classic in current assessment centers. Except that it is individual evaluation,
they usually take place in a group. For Eleven Plus Exam, different roles, sometimes
opposed, are distributed among the members of a group. The evaluators then observe
everything that happens. From the way, each participant has to manage the conflicts, to their
ability to reach agreements.
In-Tray Exercises
In-Tray exercises or simulation exercises are very famous. Originally with physical
mailboxes and currently supported by technical developments, it involves managing
messages, notes, and appointments under pressure within a set period. What is sent to what
folder? What has priority? What is delegated to colleagues? The point of added difficulty is
given by tasks that, in part, contradict each other so that a new message could throw away
the work you just did. For this, you need 11 Plus Preparation papers.
Practical cases
Case studies are another very common practice. It is about reproducing a real case of the
company, distributing the case to the candidates, and, from there, subjecting them to
different tests, groups, or individuals related to the case. It is a much less abstract exercise
that requires specialized knowledge. This type of exercise is applied to assess problemsolving capacity and, as appropriate, the ability to work in a team. At the end of the exercise,
the solution itself is not valued exclusively.
Standardized questionnaires often appear in online assessments, although it is also possible
to find them in classic Eleven Plus Papers. There are two types: intelligence tests and
psychometric tests. With the first type, it is about assessing the intellectual quotient, and
through psychometric tests, it is intended to know more data about the personality of the
An assessment center usually lasts from one to three days with stipulated breaks. Some of
them are done in the presence of examiners, so the participants are also observed at that time.
The test is not part of the officers, and that takes place during dinner.
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