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Article #4-Restaurant in Yangon Enjoy the beauty of the diversity of Yangon

Enjoy the Beauty of the Diversity of Yangon
The tourism industry continues to play a major role in the economic growth of the Myanmar
state. One of the cities which has contributed to this industry is Yangon which up to date rich in
beautiful natural and artificial sites. Some of such sites being artificial lakes, parks, museums,
and pagodas. Thus, going for a holiday in Yangon would be a lifetime experience that will
cherish your mind. If you do not visit it this year, you will not understand why each day many
tourists are attracted to the beautiful sites here.
Yangon city also has so many restaurants that count themselves as the best in offering services
in the whole state of Myanmar. Karaweik Palace is one such restaurant in Yangon which has
been rated as the best by visitors and has been there due to its exemplary customer service and
high quality of meals.
Therefore, you should not struggle in looking for any other restaurant in Yangon where you can
eat as Karaweik has a lot that it can offer you. The restaurant itself is a tourist attraction place
from its iconic design. Thus you can hang out for a few hours after you have taken your meals.
Nearby this restaurant in Yangon is the Shwedagon Pagoda which is situated about 99 meters
high on Singuttara hill. It’s a sight you should not miss to visit. This golden stupa reflects day
and night as it’s covered with about 7000 diamonds. Once you visit it you can spend your time
admiring the monks who walk and pray around the stupa.
This pagoda is considered as being the most sacred one in Myanmar state as it contains 4 relics
of previous Buddhas. There are 4 entrances with a pair of giant leogryphs guarding each
entrance. If you enter through the Southern or eastern entrance you will see many vendors
selling flowers, streamers, prayer flags, books, gold leaf, good luck charms, candles and images
of Buddha.
If you have never been to this place, be assured that your visit here will be a memorable one.
Address :Karaweik Palace, Kandawgyi Compound
Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon
Contact number :95 9 459 222 222, 95 1 292800, 95 1 292802
Website :https://karaweikpalace.com/