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Life Mammals Video Questions

Life: Mammals
Date _________________ Period: __________
1. In Antarctica, there is only one species of life that can live on the terrain permanently.
What is the name of this species? ___________________________________
2. Name one adaptation that the mother and newborn pup need to survive as mammals:
Rufous Sengi
3. How does having the legs underneath their bodies enable mammals to be more successful than
hunting reptiles?
4. How long does it take an AYE-AYE to perfect their talent? ___________________________________
5. After a lifetime, what equivalent distance can this species reach? ____________________________
6. How much blood can the swarm of biting flies obtain in a day? ______________________________
Giant Straw-colored Fruit Bats
7. How far do these bats fly in a few nights? __________________________
8. What does the injured hyena female do after the lions run her off? ___________________________
Polar Bear
9. What does the mother discover with her sensitive sense of smell? ____________________________
10. How many Coati meet up on the ground? ____________________________
11. What role does the queen have in comparison to other females? ___________________________
12. In the waterhole, what trouble does the calf get in? _______________________________________
Humpback whale
13. How old is the humpback whale? _____________________________________________________
14. What is the most important characteristic of mammals? ________________________________