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Mechanics is the study of motion, forces, and energy.
o Motion is the action of changing location or position.
o A force is any interaction that causes a change in motion,
shape, or energy.
o A system possesses energy if it has the ability to do
work. (Work is done when a force causes a change in the
energy of a system.)
Mechanics can be divided into sub-disciplines.
o Kinematics is the branch of mechanics that deals
with motion without regard to forces or energy.
o Dynamics is the branch of mechanics that deals
with motion and forces together.
o Statics is the branch of mechanics that deals
with forces in the absence of changes in motion or
o The work-energy theorem is the central principle of
mechanics that relates forces and energy.
o The conservation of energy is the central principle of
science that deals with energy in all of its forms.
o Kinetic energy is the term that refers to all forms
of energy due to motion.
There are several types of motion…
o Translational motion results in a change of location.
o Oscillatory motion is repetitive and fluctuates between
two locations.
o Rotational motion occurs when an object spins.
o Random motion is unpredictable in practice or theory.