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verbos modales

No dejo de= I cannot stop
No me deja= it does not let/allow me
No dejaría= I would not let/allow
No te dejan= they do not allow/let you
No puedo= I cannot
No sé
= I have not learnt to
No puedo= I am unable to
No tengo libre= I am not free
No podría= I would
dejo de= I give up, stop
me dejas=can you lend me
dejaría= I would not let/allow
( I am busy)
not be able/dare to
No tendría libre= I would not be free
No me dejaría= it would not be allowed to/let me to
Dejar colgado= left toyour own devices … leave in the lurch
No sería capaz o posible= I could not .. it woudl not be
possible to
Dejaría = I would
No se puede= it is not allowed
abandon/ bail
te dejan= Do they allow/let you
Está prohibido= it is not permitted/prohibited
No debo = I must not
Puedo= I can / I am able to
No tengo que= I do not have to, I must not
Ser capar de= to be able to
¿Puedo? May , can I?
No debería= I should not
No te aconsejaría= I would not advice you to
No se debe=… action…. is not allowed/ forbiden
debo = I must
tengo que= I
have to, I must
debería= I should
te aconsejaría= I would advice you to
se debe=… action…. is allowed/ permitted