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Essay 2 (position-synthesis paper)

English 101—A08N / Summer 2019
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ESSAY 2: Synthesis/Position Paper
Your goal is to write a successful research paper validating a position.
When you read and research multiple sources relating to an issue, and then use different parts of those
sources to support your own position formed on that issue, you are engaging in the process of
synthesis. Synthesis is merely combining other research with your own thinking, and coming up with a
position (opinion) on that issue, which you will persuasively argue in a paper. This assigned research
essay is not only a synthesis of sources, but also an argument for a position.
Remember that for either of the suggested topics below, there might not be a clear-cut right or wrong
position; there are only positions which the writer can defend and support.
1) Argue for OR against the legalization of marijuana in the United States.
2) Argue the benefits OR the dangers of Smartphone usage by teenagers (and/or adults!).
Decide what your opinion on the issue is; you cannot argue both sides.
Research paper requires a minimum of 4-5 sources. The accompanying Annotated Bibliography
requires 5 sources. (You may use 2 paired sources from our earlier readings: Twenge /Guernsey; or
Berenson/ Lopez. If you use these paired articles, you will need to add 3 more for the Ann Bib, and
reference at least 2 in the research paper.)
MLA FORMAT 8th ed.:
(See SCC library resources or The Norton Field Guide Chapters 50-52 for formatting details.) Correctly
cite any primary or secondary sources you use in parenthetical citations throughout the body of your
Include a Works Cited page that lists documentation for your texts, both primary and secondary
sources. Any source that appears on your Works Cited page MUST be referenced within your
Use any checklists that have been provided in your textbooks to guide your research inquiries
and to give structure to your writing process.
Use any checklists that have been provided to you as a guide for evaluating your essay before
you turn it in. Be sure to check your paper against the rubric that is used in The Norton Mix.
4- 5 pages (excluding Works Cited page)