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Essay Argumentative

Essay Argumentative
Introductory Paragraph
Truth be told, only a non- significant number of
my acquaintances might hold the opinion that
Opposite idea from your their. Nonetheless, the
majority of experts on this field would disagree, with
the previous way of thinking. As far as I am
concerned, Paraphrase the question SV change ( S y
N)( important Note “Respuesta directa a la
pregunta”;and I will present two core ideas to support
my viewpoint.
In summary, learning and having fun are the
main reason why me copio de la pregunta.
Reason 1
To discuss the first influential point, it could be said that
learn(or reason 1). To begin, you could learn a new skill.
For example, EX. Moreover, dozens of (people) would have
in mind that being organized is something valuable to
learn. As a matter of fact organized people that respective.
As it can be seen, conclusion.
Another relevant topic to be treated is having fun.
Firstly, an Overwhelming majority of (people) Every knows
that fun people make lots of friends. Besides, fun students
are popular. X meganizines mentions that, fact 2 As you
can see, (Conclusion 2).