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bus shelter project

Design brief
Through out the power points we will be evaluating the use and effectiveness of current bus stops, we will
also be creating possible design ideas for bus stops that improve existing ones to help the overall experience.
This will also hopefully develop the efficiency of bus stops.
A good bus shelter is an essential part of any successful urban mass-transit system. What constitutes "good,"
however, depends upon your point of view. From the perspective of the city agency that is responsible for its
management, a good shelter is one that has low maintenance requirements and is vandal-resistant. From the
rider's point of view, an ideal shelter is one that allows visibility and easy access to the bus, is comfortable and
convenient, provides clear information, and is safe.
Both viewpoints are equally important to consider, because an unused shelter is a waste of money and an
unnecessary maintenance problem. A well-designed, comfortable shelter can make waiting for a bus a pleasant -- and
even interesting -- experience! Unfortunately, many poorly designed shelters also exist.
To decide what type of shelter to use in a particular area requires an analysis of existing and anticipated conditions, as
well as some knowledge of the characteristics of good shelter location and design. Information about each factor is
included below.
•Is a bus shelter needed?
•Where should it be located?
•How should it be designed?
•How should it be maintained and managed?
•Are there funding options?
Product analysis:
“The connected bus shelter”
The bus shelter is modern and features interactive displays. The colours are
bright to attract new bus users.
The bus shelter is made as a business opportunity as it allows for third parties
to gain profit.
The size is relatively larger than the usual bus stop to allow for more users- This
will therefore need to be placed in a busy city .
Cost prices may be higher that usual bus stops (costing around £5000,
compared to the usual price of around £2000) however as this is a business
organisation it may generate a profit turn over through the increased
Within the context of a smart community, bus
shelters equipped with ultra-broadband
connections can come alive, improve user
experiences, and enable new business
opportunities however this can also create
many limitations and we will be looking at that
down below.
The material should be water resistant, to not only protect users from extreme
weather conditions but also to protect any electricals used which allowed it be
an interactive bus stop.
Ergonomic design
The product is not ergonomically designed, it may have back support but
through secondary data surveys I found people were better of not sitting on
the chairs as they quickly slid of and resulted in embarrassment and even
worse back pain.