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Cold Calling Script Template
Brought to you by: ​CrazyCall​with help of C
​ eri Ruenheck​and ​Amit Sharma​.
Script Template #1
by ​Amit Sharma
[Introduce yourself, your business and your role. It is the first moment when you can show
the value that your solution can bring to your recipient.]
Hi, Is this John? Hi, John, I am Amit. I am a Sales Consultant. I work with corporates to
identify Sales Team Productivity gaps and improve new business revenue.
[Try to get to know whether your recipient needs what you are offering.]
Are you looking after Sales Team Performance and Training?
[Show them the value by referring to businesses related to them. Also, try to refer to the
companies in their niche.]
I understand you are into Software Development and Services. I have worked with company
from your domain such as “X Company” to help them overcome the challenge of “Lead
Generation”, “Losing high potential deals to competition” and increase annual revenue by X to
X million dollars.
[Carry on what you’ve said before. Get to know whether they want to improve a certain issue
that you can help them fix.]
Are you also facing any challenges related to Lead Generation or Big Ticket Deal Conversion?
5. ASK
[Show the solution and attempt to reach the goal(schedule a meeting, demo, etc.).]
Okay. “Company X” also faced the similar challenge. And, the response they kept getting
from their Sales Team was – price is higher and the brand is unknown. I would like to show
you how we helped them resolve it and increased their sale by X million. It can work for you
too. Are you available tomorrow 11:00Am or 3Pm for 15 minutes for a short discussion?
[Try to get all of the needed information about your recipient and do what you can to reach
your goal.]
Great. I will be sending you a formal email invite. Please accept it to confirm your presence.
What’s your email? And, one more thing, if you would like to bring someone along, just add
his name to the invite. Do you want to ask me something now or you prefer to discuss it in
the meeting tomorrow? Great. See you then.
Script Template #2
by ​Ceri Ruenheck
[Introduce yourself, your business and your role. Get to know whether you are speaking to a
person you want to.]
Hi, Ceri. My name is Sam Sellmore of XYZ Call Management Company. Are you the
person in charge of technology?
Yes – (Continue)
No -- “Maybe you can help me; do you know the name of the person who’s in charge of
[Provide further description of what you do. Focus on the value that you can provide.]
We’re the manufacturer of Call Center Management software, which helps call
centers save time and money. Our application increases employees’ productivity,
improves campaign effectiveness, and manages your phone bill all online.
Is now a good time?
Yes – (Continue)
No – When would be a good time to call you back?
[Explain what you are offering. Also, get to know whether they are interested in your solution - do
it by asking a non-direct question. ]
I am calling today to introduce you to our company and to let you know that we’re
offering fellow members of our chamber of commerce a 15% discount on our
How well do you think your company currently handles the call management at your
Positive Response​
:​That’s great to hear. What type of system are you using?
“We’re using ABC software”
[Show them why your solution is better than the one they use. Do it in a polite way, rather by
showing your features than discouraging theirs.]
They have a great product with a lot of features. Our Web-based system is
subscription-based, allows for free automatic upgrades, and offers 24/7 customer
support. What I’d like to do is email you a link to our demonstration page and then I’ll
call you back to see what you think. What is your email?
“We just purchased ABC Software last month.”
[Even if they’ve just started using another software you still have a chance of getting a deal. Try to
keep the contact and try to get additional information. You can try to sign them up for your
newsletter - keep them as close as you can.]
Perhaps what I can do is check in with you in a few months to see how things are going.
If you’d like, I can register you for our newsletter that offers news and trends about the
call center industry. When would be good time for me to check in?
[Show them the value that your solution would bring to their work. Try to set a meeting so you
would be able to visually show your product.]
Negative Response​
:​Our Web-based system is designed to help call centers
effortlessly manage their call programs. It monitors telemarketers’ activities,
develops campaign reports, and has an ongoing auditing system for your telephone
What I’d like to do is set up a time to review with you our Web-based demo. When
would be a good time?
“We’re too small”
[Show them that size of the company doesn’t matter. Do it by providing a sufficient arguments.
Try to schedule a meeting during which you would show why it is worth for them to use your
The Call Center Management software is worthwhile for any size call center from 3
seats to 1500! As I said, we can schedule a time to go through our demonstration
online and you’ll see how effective it can be even for call centers with 3 seats. What
day would be good for you? (Schedule time)
[Additional questions that help you to qualify the lead - if needed.]
Just two more quick questions:
1. How many seats do you have at your call center?
2. Do you have a budget for new technology?
(Restate the next action.)
Thank you for your time.
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