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Silent Debate Protocol

Silent Debate Protocol
Use the Silent Debate Protocol when you want students to seriously consider each
other’s ideas in order to expand their thinking.
1. The facilitator sets up a premise, statement or question on a large chart paper
page. You can use the same premise for each group or change them.
2. Each student in the group should have a different colored pen to help ensure
that each student is participating, and no one student is dominating.
3. Model interaction of students as they share and comment on each other’s ideas.
For example, they can show their ideas are linked to others with connecting
lines, they can question the ideas or ask for clarification with a giant question
mark, they can agree with each other using a check mark, and disagree with each
other by putting an “x” next to the statement they disagree with.
4. Groups should be given 5-7 minutes to respond to the premise.
5. There is to be no talking.
6. Once the silent debates are complete, post the charts around the room and have
other groups view and respond to what they see.
7. Have the students create an outline or essay, or do a five-minute quick write to
express what they have learned.