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a1 Root Cause Analysis Meeting Outline

Catherine Pickavance
Artifact 1: Preparation for Root Cause Analysis Meeting
Root Cause Analysis Meeting Outline
Explanation of process
o Explanation of the process in which data was derived to determine the root cause for
concern in our district’s robotics program.
o The scope details the chart and provides an articulated problem statement in which we as a
district hope to solve.
Survey results
o The survey results aid in pinpointing the key issue that stake holders wish to address.
o Logistics of the meeting are provided to ensure it runs effectively.
o An agenda is provided to ensure the meeting stays on track and we start with the end goal
in mind. All district attendees will receive a digital copy and should read prior to the meeting
incase changes are needed.
o Any requested changes must be emailed to Mrs. Pickavance at
[email protected] one week in advance.
Catherine Pickavance
Artifact 1: Preparation for Root Cause Analysis Meeting
Explanation of Process:
Below is a chart process we used to derive the root cause and the ultimate goal.
 Limited campuses
participating in
Robotics. – Less than
 0% of 5th and 6th grade
students compete in
 8 % of incoming
freshmen compete in
their first year of
 0% of 2nd year students
compete in robotics
 99% of all 3rd and 4th
year students compete
in robotics
 Drones are not a
dedicated curriculum.
Contributing Factors
 Perkins does not cover
Competitive Robotics3& 4
 Funding for elementary
(below 5th)
 Introduction to new
program- not all
campuses facilitate IQ,
so 5th and 6th is
considered introductory
 Safety factors
 Implementation of new
coding language
 Implementation of
metal, & non
prefabricated elements
 Drones are being
implemented in a
competitive class only
Perkins only covers
state credits, not local
so funding is limited for
competition teams.
Grants are highly relied
Administrators state
that there is staffing
Lack of willingness to
participate at offered
Introduction to new
power tools and
advanced technology
Drones are costly,
require responsibility,
the ability to work
independently and
Due to the cost associated with funding both the material aspects and the staffing, the current
robotics program is not functioning at its fullest capacity.
After pulling surveys from our key stake holders, current robotics teachers, Parents, and students
currently enrolled in Robotics we were able to derive some key components. First, all key stake holders
agree at the high school level the current competitive pathway ideal. They also agree that the 5th and 6th
grade students should have a competitive program. They also agree that a universal program needs to
be implemented at an elementary level cross district.
Below are survey results posted from our CTE family night. Parents, Students, and teachers were invited
to participate and give their feedback. Survey Monkey was implemented as a basis for the survey. The
Robotics department set up a laptop station that attendees could use to complete the survey. This was
our Pre Analysis that was formed to determine where our Key stake holders wanted to center their
focus of improvement.
Catherine Pickavance
Artifact 1: Preparation for Root Cause Analysis Meeting
Stake Holder's Valued Prefrence for Funding
5th and 6th Grade Programs
9th and 10th grade Competitive Teams
Kick Start Elementary Programs
Drones in Robotics
Logistics and Participants:
We will be presenting this data in hopes of collaborative solutions with key stake holders in an alldistrict meeting held at Ball High in our lecture hall February 17th at 6 PM. An invitation to interested
parties will be send out through email and through our weekly GISD week in a glance newsletter. More
information including key speakers can be found on the Agenda on the following page. Light snacks and
drinks will be provided during the Stakeholders meeting.
Catherine Pickavance
Artifact 1: Preparation for Root Cause Analysis Meeting
Bridging the gap in Robotics
February 17th, 2020
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Meeting called by
Catherine Pickavance
Eric Paul, Dr. Ramirez, Lindsay Haney, Catherine
Pickavance, Beau Bunce, Wes Holland, Fidel Gutierrez, KC
Marks, Vested Parents, and Campus Administrators.
Please read:
The agenda & key speaking roles prior to meeting
Please bring:
Lap tops, pens, creative and open minds
6:00 –6:15End time
Discuss the key concerns
Per campus
Elementary Robotics | Mr. Holland & Gutierrez
5th and 6th |Mr. Bunce & Mrs. Marks
9th and 10th | Mrs. Pickavance
Drones I Mrs. Pickavance
6:15 – 6:20
6:20 – 6:45
Stakeholder Survey
survey | Mrs. Pickavance
Per CTE family
Proposed solutions
Eric Paul | CTE solution
Dr. Ramirez | Admin solution
Beau Bunce | Teacher preferred solution
6:45 – 7:00
Issues/ Concerns/ Closure
Other surveyed concerns | Pickavance,
Funding | Dr. Ramirez
Implementation | Eric Paul
Additional Instructions:
Q&A will be held during the final segment. At this point we will also ask for comments
and concerns from parents, campus administrators, and any key stakeholders wishing
to express their concerns.