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Transition Handoff Notes for APHC/DCS,G-9
Program Evaluation Translational Scientist (TS)
Prior TS:
Reports To:
Jaime Anne Earnest, MPH PhD
ORISE Participant
Program Evaluation
DCS G-9: Ms. Dorie Hickson (Program Analyst)
Dr. Theresa Jackson Santo, PhD MPH (Division
Ms. Mamie Carlson (Government Mentor/Team
ORISE PoC: Ms. Jackie Owens
Role Period:
November 2016-March 2020
Last Date of Prior
TS Employment:
Program Evaluation Consultant:
Ms. Emily Warren
March 2020
This guide to current activity for the Program Evaluation Translational Scientist (TS) role can be used by new or existing
staff to provide interim role continuity when/if necessary. The TS has two primary functions: Technical Program
Evaluator (APHC) and Program Evaluation Strategist and Liaison (DCS, G-9) and is detailed to the Pentagon with DCS,
G-9 to provide in-house capacity for program evaluation and strategic communication. The TS functions in tandem with
the Program Evaluation Consultant (PEC). Duty hours are from 0700 to 1630 on a compressed/RDO schedule. For a full
role description/history, please see the TS Role Guidebook attached.
This document captures current ongoing project responsibilities, required meetings, reporting requirements, and regular
recurring duties.
The purpose of this document is to detail the activities and responsibilities of the
out-going team member to be handed over to the in-coming team member for a
Response – big picture
[Provide a brief overview of the response to-date and your involvement.]
Key events
[Describe the key events that have happened to-date in the response and
applicable to your work stream.]
Key documents
[Describe the key documents relevant to the activities you are handing over,
including meeting minutes and the response folder location on FCS.]
Key activities
[Describe your key activities that you will be handing over.]
Key responsibilities
[Describe the key responsibilities that you will be handing over.]
Critical short term tasks
[Describe the critical short term tasks that you will be handing over.]
Critical long term tasks
[Describe the critical long term tasks that you will be handing over.]
Key contacts list
[List the key contacts you have been involved with in this response for the activities
you are handing over. List their name, position, contact details.]
Response structure
[Show the location within the response structure that you have been involved with in
this response for the activities you are handing over.]