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Pick a scene from the montage and
discuss as a group what negative
connotations are implied and to what
extent does this influences the
collective perception of “Arabic
speaking countries”
Tariq Teguia- surreal realist
What differences to the story and sense of character
can be found between Hollywood representation and
Tariq’s characters?
How does Teguia use composition to express the
character’s identity and what impressions does this
give the viewer?
How is culture created?
What is its relation to identity,
how are they expressed in visual
Representation, meaning and
► Representation: Production of the meaning
of concepts in our minds through language.
We give things meaning by how we represent
them –words, stories, images, emotions, we
associate with them, we classify and
conceptualize and values.
► Identity: Meaning gives us a sense of
identity, of who we are and with whom we
“belong” to – how culture is used to mark
out and maintain identity within and
difference between groups.
► Production: Meaning is constantly
produced and exchanged, produced on a
mass scales and global movements
ensure meanings between different
cultures are transported on a historically
new scale.
► Classic opposites black vs. white; East vs.
West; Christians vs. Muslims homosexuality vs.
Are these opposites natural? Or constructed?
Discuss as a group, memorable characters and
how you personally have identified with them?
Can creators produce characters which represent
the complexity of culture,
Watch the spike lee scene a few times and
discuss the use of camera movement and
juxtaposition in the scene.
Your brief:
As a group of animators, you’re given this
dialogue driven scene and asked to
visually represent the “stereotypes”
how would you communicate the message
behind the scene? What is the message?
Identity in film and games
Can’t we all play?
There are 2 ways a video game’s narrative is
portrayed – representation or presentation.
Representational narrative is when the player
is living the story through past events.
While presentation is when the player takes
the role of the character.
representational narrative format is more like
movies or television where we “identify with
characters and their struggles, empathize with
them and thus go through all sorts of emotions”.
Presentational stories “portray the protagonist as
an empty vessel for somebody to project one’s own
identity on … extending our physical presence in
the game world.
the presentational mode of narrative
allows players to explore different
identities within a virtual world by the
unfolding of events seemingly caused by
the player.
The representational mode creates
feelings of empathy by communicating
events for players to identify with.
Watch Bioshock and compare your
“virtual environments, like close relationships,
may be motivating to the degree that they allow
individuals to experience ideal aspects of
» DISCUSS in groups
• What emotional connection do you feel with the
protagonist of Papa y yo?
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxDNLZZJ2W
• How does this compare to Inland’s protagonist?
Who is the hero
in September 12th?
• Pitch and Proposal
Practising public speaking and fluency you will
be required to individually present your group
projects from last semester.
In English
We will divide the class and present over two
weeks. Notes will be taken and opportunities
for recording.