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Cell Organelle Activity

Cell MembraneChloroplastMitochondriaNucleus (DNA)RNAERGolgiVacuole or Cell
Each station needs to start with at least one receiver and one runner.
Bingo Chips
Legos or Beads and pipe cleaners
Large bowl of mixed bingo chips
Rubber bands
Cups with the following labels: 1 Water, 2 Sugar, 2 ATP Foil
Large storage bowl or fish tank
Index cards
Scrap Paper
Starting Stations
Cell membrane – Blue Chips 18
Chloroplast – Red Chips, Rubber bands
Mitochondria – Rubber bands
Nucleus – Notecards with instructions for creating color sequence
mRNA – scrap paper
Rough ER – Red, white, blue, black beads, pipe cleaner
Smooth ER Golgi Apparatus – packages – pipe cleaners with colored beads wrapped tinfoil
Vacuole – Blue chips
Original chain set up for a plant cell Variations:
1. Turn lights off so cell cannot photosynthesize and watch cell processes break down
2. Animal cell receiving sugar through diffusion directly to mitochondria
3. Give the nucleus cards with colors that do not exist to read to the RNA, watch the confusion.
Pause. Briefly discuss mutations in the DNA and what that does to the cell. (example Insulin
production in diabetics)
Golgi Body
You may not produce anything until receiving 6 red
chips from the chloroplast. When you receive your
chips, you can start producing ATP molecules to send
to the nucleus. 6 Sugar molecules = 2 ATP.
Rubberband three red chips together for one ATP
You may only function when the classroom lights are
on. After receiving 6 water molecules (Blue Chips)
from the cell membrane you can assemble (Rubber
band together) 6 sugar molecules (Red chips) and
send to the mitochondria.
You will wait until signaled from the vacuole to come
break down stored items. Once signaled, you will
break down the materials and return them to the ER.
You will return any foil wrappings to the golgi as well.
You will receive a protein from the ER. Your job is to
wrap it in foil and send it to the vacuole. The vacuole
will store your package. If at any time you run out of
foil, you will signal to the vacuole and lysosome to
bring you some from storage.
You are the gate keeper for the wrapped packages.
You will store the packages until the cell needs them
(or until the ER runs out of materials). If the ER or
Golgi runs out of materials, you will signal to the
Lysosome to come break down the materials. You also
need to keep track of the total number of packages
that come into the vacuole.
The DNA holds the cards with the color combinations.
The cards may not leave the table. The DNA must read
the color combinations (Instructions) to the mRNA.
The mRNA will bring you a card of instructions. Your
job is to assemble the materials in the correct order
and then send them to the Golgi. If at any time you
run out of materials, signal to the vacuole and
lysosome to bring you more.
You will write down the instructions that the DNA tells
you onto a small card. You will then take that card to
the Endoplasmic Reticulum.
Bring in 3 Water molecules (Blue Chips) to the
Cell Membrane
chloroplast each trip transport water into the cell
You are responsible for folding the protein (the beads
and pipe cleaners). You will receive a card with the
folding instructions. After folding the protein in the
correct way, you will then send the protein to the
Golgi for packaging.
You will receive the instructions from the nucleus to
assemble the proteins. You will place the beads on a
straight pipe cleaner. You will the send it to the
smooth ER with the instruction card for folding the
pipe cleaner.