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Guidelines for Proofreading

Guidelines for Proofreading
Ask these questions while proofreading your paper or a friend’s paper.
1. Is every sentence a complete sentence?
2. Does every sentence end with the appropriate punctuation mark? Are other
punctuation marks correct?
3. Does every sentence begin with a capital letter? Are all proper nouns and
appropriate proper adjectives capitalized?
4. Does every verb agree in number with its subject?
5. Are verb forms and tenses used correctly?
6. Are subjects and object forms of personal pronouns used correctly?
7. Does every pronoun agree with its antecedent in number and gender? Are
pronoun references clear?
8. Are frequently confused words (such as lie and lay, fewer and less) used
9. Are all words spelled correctly?
10. Is the paper neat and in correct manuscript form?
Guidelines for Manuscript Form
Use only one side of a sheet of paper.
Type, use a word processor, or write in blue or black ink.
If you type, double-space the lines. If you write, don’t skip lines.
Leave margins of about one inch at the top, sides and bottom of a page.
Indent the first line of each paragraph.
Number all pages (except the first page) in the upper right-hand corner.
All pages should be neat and clean. You may use correction fluid to make a
few changes, but they should be barely noticeable.
8. Follow your teacher’s instructions for placement of your name, the date, your
class, and the title of your paper.