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Know All factors To Recieve Student Visa Subclass 500

The Basics
of Student
Visa 500
Student VISA 500
Australia has always known for its credible education.
Every non- resident student who wishes to pursue
their studies in Australia is required to apply the
student visa 500. By acquiring student visa subclass
500, you can stay for 5 years in Australia. An
international community student can apply for more
than one course in case he has multiple COE codes, by
holding student visa 500. You are requisite to provide
OHSC( overseas student health cover) for the student
subclass 500. If you have plans to join an employment
program then the visa subclass 500 allows you to do
the same. As per student visa subclass 500 conditions,
you can apply for the student visa onshore or offshore.
Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions
• If you are in Australia then you have to show that you are enrolled
in Any CRICOS registered Australian institute.
• In case you are applying offshore then you need to submit
confirmation of enrollment (COE) by CRICOS registered Australian
• If you have borrowed any money to the Australian Government body
then you have to pay back before going to apply for the student visa
• If you are enrolled in a full-time course of training through a
scholarship approved by the ministry of foreign affairs Australia or the
Australian defense sector then you don't need to submit confirmation of
• You have to submit a letter of support with the student visa 500 form.
Required Documents For Subclass 500 Visa
• Provide a letter of support with Visa Subclass 500.
• You have to submit another letter of support with the visa
application if you are enrolled through a scholarship approved by the
defense department of Australia or the ministry of foreign affairs and
• Collect confirmation of enrollment documents.
• Submit your 18th dependent documents.
• Collect your English proficiency skill test mark sheet to attach with
Subclass 500 Visa form.
• Submit your 18th dependent documents.
• Translator to translate all non-English documents into English.
• Provide all confirmation of enrollment (COE) codes if you are
enrolled in more then one course.
Apply for The Student
Visa Subclass 500
You need to apply for this student visa 500 by online process. You are free to apply
for this visa from Australia and outside of Australia. You must provide legal
documents and information and also fulfill Student Visa Subclass 500 Conditions. In
case you provide the wrong information then your visa application form can be
rejected. We suggest that you should contact the migration agent Adelaide for the
best assistance regarding visa in Australia. The total cost of the Student Visa 500
starts from AUD 560. It will increase/decreases according to the applicants’ visa
application type. Generally, it takes 10 days to 90 days to process. If you have been
served in the defense sector of the foreign affairs department then you will get a visa
on a priority basis from 10 days to 30 days. If you are awarded a student by
commonwealth Gov. of Australia and supported by the defense and foreign
department then the student visa subclass 500 will be free of cost for you.
Process After Apply For Visa Subclass 500
• You can pursue your education for 5 years after having student visa
• With Student Subclass 500 you are able to do work only 40 hours in
two weeks duration.
• You can bring your parents with you.
• An overseas student to travel to and from Australia for 5 years.
• You are allowed to apply for more than one courses in Australia.
• If you forget to connect some needed document then you would like to
contact your visa agent.
• You can add your family members with the Student Visa Subclass 500
form then you can inform your visa agent.
• If you forget any medical checkups then you have to contact your visa
agent without wasting any time.
In case if you have any problem
regarding visa then you should contact
Immigration Agent Adelaide for further
Get the directions to Migration Agent Adelaide for further