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COSINE INDUSTRIES, INCORPORATED (CII) has more than 29 years of experience in manufacturing
outstanding electrical distribution and control products. It started in 1989 as a fabricator of panel boards,
switchgears and lighting fixtures.
In 1992, GeneralElectric and Cutler Hammer –Westinghouse acknowledged the company as distributor of their
circuit breakers and magnetic starters. Some foreign and local manufacturers also accredited the company as
dealer of their wires and cables, conduit pipes and fittings, lamps, ballasts and wiring devices.
In line with those progressive recognitions, the company became a distributor of a number of brands. The
company acquired exclusive distributorship for Hitachi Industrial control products in 2003, master
distributorship for Siemens power distribution products in 2005, distributorship of Henikwon Busduct System
from Malaysia in 2008, exclusive distributorship of Unitronics operating panel and PLC in 2009, authorized
distributorship of ABB Power products (i.e Circuit Breakers, Entrelec terminal blocks, etc.) in 2012,
distributorship of Phoenix contact products (i.e digital meter, terminal blocks, etc.) in 2012, distributorship of
Kumkang (KCT) Transformers in 2013 and distributorship of People Electric Circuit Breakers and Thermoplastic
Enclosures in 2014.
It is also a reputable distributor of other internationally known manufacturers such as Fuji Electric, Chint and
Shihlin. With the trust and support of these manufacturers, the company had expanded its product line from
panelboards to low & high voltage switchgears and system integration of automation components, including
but not limited to Automatic Capacitor Banks, Motor Control Center and Automatic Transfer Switches.
The company is a dynamic organization consisting of experienced, highly trained, customer-friendly and
service-oriented office staff, engineers and technician who are well seasoned in their respective disciplines, and
are continuously provided with adequate and appropriate training programs to update them with recent
trends in manufacturing industry. The company’s reliability in quality and service is rooted in the combined
technical expertise and vast industry experience of its people. It has its own manufacturing plant with state-ofthe art facilities capable of fabricating and assembling standard and client-specified electrical distribution and
control products; not to mention its reliable testing instruments periodically calibrated to ensure consistency
and accuracy for use in field servicing and in-plant testing. The company manufactures its products with strict
adherence to international and local standards and utilizes imported and locally available raw materials.
The company with its sincere effort to provide its customers quality products and services, has been able to
reach a higher level of achievement by passing the ISO 9001:2000 Total Quality Management System
accreditation, ISO 9001:2008 in 2011. In addition to this milestone, the company also acquired the Vendor
Integrity Access (VIA) of the renowned accrediting body, Dun and Bradstreet in 2015. And in 2017, upon its
successful renewal, was upgraded to the latest ISO standard, the ISO 9001:2015.
Today, Cosine Industries, Inc. is proud to do our share in nation building. Our success brings honor to us and
to our clients through continuous commitment to the prompt completion of projects within the specified
budget and quality standards.
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
Our commitment to provide quality, reliable and competitive products and services to ensure
customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.
We will continuously improve and develop the competitiveness of our people and the design and
features of our products through the Research and Development Division. To stay updated on the
latest technology, we will also venture into international trade exhibits, trainings and seminars.
Our decision to adhere to the implementing rules and regulations of the Philippine government is a
compelling testament of our certification to the global norm and practices of the ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems.
It’s been our tradition to deliver the best products and services and always had an open mind to adopt
changes for enhancement. For continuing stability and effectiveness of QMS, we are committed to
conduct a regular review of our quality objectives, plans, and programs.
To provide quality product and services that will satisfy the stakeholders of Cosine Industries, Inc.
To focus in establishing top of the line quality product.
To standardize quality process that will optimize company resources.
To develop efficient and effective employees in the organization
With Cosine Industries, Inc., our customers are assured of:
Quality products and technical services offered by an established manufacturing firm
Assistance in solving problem with existing facilities, upgrades, or cost reduction
Professional service backed up by long years of experience in research and development; and
Continuous supply of products we offer
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
The company designs, fabricates, tests, and provides installation services for its products such as:
Main Distribution and Lighting Panelboards
Cable Trays and Wireways
Unitized Panelboards
Medium and Low Voltage Switchgears
Motor Control Centers
Automatic Capacitor Banks
Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches
Meter Centers (Enclosed CB, Bus Bar and
Circuit Breaker Gutters)
Control Panels
Dry Type Transformers
Has a production area that can accommodate a number of projects simultaneously, including
assembly area for Medium Voltage Switchgears up to 36kV.
Uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment such as Computerized Punching Machine,
Automatic Shearing Machine, Automatic Bending Machine, Powder Coating Machine, Oven,
The company provides energy conservation solutions for fan and pump applications and control
systems solutions utilizing.
 Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
 Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
 Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
Sale of major electrical and control products from credible manufacturers:
ABB Circuit Breakers
Unitronics Operator Programmable Logic Controller
Henikwon Busduct System
EDMI Digital Meter
Power, Distribution, and Cast-Resin Transformers
ABB Contactors and Relays
Pushbuttons, pilot lights, timers, wires, cables, wiring
ABB Variable Frequency Drives
People Circuit Breakers
KCT Kumkang Korea Transformers
Great Treasure Distribution Transformer
Use this MCB's
ABB Miniature and Molded Case Circuit
EDMI Digital
Power Meter
Unitronics PLC+HMI
People Miniature
Circuit Breaker
Variable Frequency Drive
As the need arises, we can provide 24 / 7 technical services from highly-trainedtechnicians who
utilize state-of-the-art testing and measuring instruments.
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
Cosine Industries, Inc’s panelboards utilize state of the art
manufacturing processes, high quality raw materials and the highest
design standards to come up with the best panelboards. Adhering to
and exceeding Philippine Electrical Code standards is essential to our
quality control processes which means we always ensure the
reliability and usability of our panelboards for 100% circuit
Power Distribution Panelboards
Power Distribution Panelboards’ interiors are completely
assembled with bolt-on devices. These are designed such that
switching and protective devices can be replaced without
disturbing adjacent units and without removing the main bus
Main busbars are sized in accordance with the UL standards
to limit temperature rise in case of a belted fault on any
current carrying part to a maximum of 65OC above an
ambient of 40OC maximum. Circuit breakers are properly
coordinated in order to minimize nuisance tripping and high
system reliability.
Automatic / Manual Transfer Switch
Providing immediate transfer of critical electrical loads to an emergency
power source upon failure of the normal power source, this switch makes
the transfer back to the normal source upon power restoration seamlessly.
This safeguard against losses of data and productivity brought about by
unanticipated power interruption. It is available in circuit breakers, fusible
knives or magnetic contactors.
Providing both form and function, Cosine extends both the breadth of options and depth of service to its
customers who seek real solutions to their panelboard requirements.
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
Motor Control Centers
Cosine Industries, Inc. utilizes powerfully-built components and
conforms to superior safety standards to ensure that Cosine
Motor Control Centers bring performance and reliability to the
The Motor Control Centers (MCC) come in a modular plug-in
design which allow a combination of the electrical and
mechanical components. It is built with steel structures which
protect users from being electricuted brought about by
accidental contact with live electrical parts. Horizontal and Vertical wire ways of MCCs were designed to
serve as a conduit of load cables. Horizontal and Vertical bus systems,on the other hand, provide power
distribution throughout the control center.
Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Variable Frequency Drive, a motor controller, varies the frequency and
voltage supplied to an electric motor. Through the help of VFD, users
would have an option to control motor speed of one’s equipment, thus
being able to reduce energy consumption and energy costs. Also, since
VFD can optimize control of frequency and voltage supply, this can
better protect the motor from electro-thermal overloads, under voltage
and overvoltage. Thus, reducing maintenance cost and extending
equipment life.
ACS310 Industrial Drive
“Your Complete Power & Control Solutions”
#10 Maximo Viola St. Balingasa, Quezon City / Tel: 367-0025 to 28/ 412-7810/ 410-2159/ 782-9018
(0917) 899-5960/ (0908)880-4715/ (0922)899-0214/ Fax: 412-7321 / Email: sales@cosine.com.ph
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