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Intervention Letter

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Intervention Letter Assignment
Write an intervention letter by following the tips below. You can make up a story and write to someone
fictional or write to a real person. If you are struggling to find a person to write about, you can write to
Caylee from the episode we watched during class.
Intervention Letter Requirements:
1. Tell the person that you love him/her, but you don't like what they are doing to themselves.
2. Give examples of the behaviors you dislike.
3. Don't lecture. This letter should not be judgmental or criticize the person.
4. Tell them they must consider the help the interventionist is recommending.
5. Tell them the consequence you will give, if he/she does not follow through.
6. Follow through, no matter what happens.
The letter should be typed, 1-2 pages long, 3-5 paragraphs, 12 point easily-read font and double spaced. Use
google docs and share upon completion. The letter must include the following:
A sincere expression of your concern:
__________ 5 pts
(Show the person how much you care about them and that you are concerned. Don’t be judgmental
or criticize the person)
Description of your feelings:
(How does the person’s actions and addiction make you feel?)
A presentation of the facts (evidence of the problem):
___________ 5 pts
(Give specific examples of events that show that the person has a problem with the drug)
An offer of specific help and support:
(What EXACTLY will you do to help/support the person?)
___________ 5 pts
Consequences if they do not get help:
___________ 5 pts
Grammar/spelling/effort (no inappropriate language):
___________ 15 pts
__________ 5 pts
Total: _________/40 Points
Rough Draft: Before you turn in your letter, proofread it. Make sure you have used proper capitalization
and punctuation, indentation of paragraphs and complete sentences.
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