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Article Analysis worksheet

Article Analysis
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In your words please summarize the following section of the article. Please Include all of the critical information
from each setcion
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Karen Perez
Social Studies Methods I/II
Writing Artifact
I have mentioned in class that it is valuable to me as an educator that my students learn and are exposed to analyzing
primary sources because it is a skill that will help them in future grades and eventually in college. This analysis will in
turn help my students develop higher order thinking skills because throughout this worksheet they are being asked to
critically engage with a document. I came up with this artifact by basing it on an assignment that Dr. Helfgott asked my
historical methods class to complete. The questions from that assignment have me simplified to fit a grade school
classroom but they can even be further simplified depending on which grade level one is working with. Specifically, in
my classroom this worksheet will be used to help students create argumentative statements, paragraphs, and essays.
The academic language to define in this worksheet include all of the headlines in each table: point of view, main idea,
purpose, and audience. As a grade student I often felt overwhelmed by the academic vocabulary used in instructions
because they were not clearly defined. I think this can be a huge oversight by educators and I don’t want that same stress
falling onto my students. By defining any words in the instructions it will aid students on IEP’s, ELL students, and my
lower level readers.