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Nerds in the Media

Nerds in the Media
Asia Lindsay
Shayla Pink
Tyriq Evans
Nerd- a foolish or contemptible person who lacks
social skills
Nerd vs. Geek?
Common semiotics- glasses, tucked shirt, pocket
protectors, suspenders, inhaler
Austin Powers, Napoleon Dynamite, Steve Urkel
Stereotypes vs. Reality
Recent Information
From negative to positive
Anime nerds & ISIS-chan
“Pixels” Movie
King of the Nerds
Big Bang Theory
Personal Summary
Reinforcement, Reassurance, & Resistance
Media has reinforced the stereotypical nerd
through character such as Steve Urkel.
Glasses and suspenders always fit the role.
Meanwhile resistance has been shown with
Stefan Urquelle who is a nerd but doesn’t
have the typical nerd gear.
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