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Exam essay writing for Academic English

Exam essay writing for Academic English
hello this is Veronica and I'm an academic English teacher at IES today I'd like to go through
how to write your academic English exam essay for the end of semester exam let's have a
look at the task so it's here extended ​academic essay writing help​you are to respond to one
of the essay questions to the on the following page and you should write about 300 words
that means about five paragraph essay circle the essay question you want to answer and
last for an in-text citation is required you see here you must provide your provider with two
quotes you must use one quote and direct quoted in your essay use the following structure
author date page and reporting verb + exact information the use of the ellipsis is acceptable
and also frankly speaking advisable you do not want your essay filled out with a direct quote
because then you're not showing your writing if you look at the criteria assessed introduction
thesis content organization analysis and expression writing and mechanics and
documentation the integration of source says that we want to see your writing not somebody
else's so a long direct quote is not advisable use the ellipsis this is what the essay question
will look like you have three essay questions and underneath there are two direct quotes
now these direct quotes one will agree with the essay question and one will disagree you are
to choose one let's have a look at this essay question democracy allows voters to make
informed decisions in an election do you agree step 1 you need to understand the task do
you agree means it's an argumentative essay 300 words about five paragraphs now a five
paragraph essay should look like this you have an introduction three body paragraphs and a
conclusion that means you need three arguments for your thesis statement so let's
brainstorm the question examine each keyword in the essay question democracy allow
people power government of by and for the people Free Press free fair and frequent
elections voters in election educated vote though it is based on their own education voters
understand government policy voting means possibly that that's people power they can
change the government informed how does media impact information what about media
ownership what about the message in the media how informed the people from the
information given in the media I'd like to explain sit on this a little more private and public
media yep Australia has both private media dominates with conservative message media
can be biased it can be sensationalized so I'm now beginning to form my arguments I only
need three remember so my essay structure our introduction three body paragraphs and a
conclusion because it's a discursive essay you do need to have the other side of the
argument so welcome we'll begin with the disagree and have to agree arguments now based
on my brainstorm I have three arguments one is freedom of speech that means they're
informed the other is media ownership does bias does that mean they're uninformed and
sensationalism means the voter could also be uninformed so it looks to me I have three
arguments I have freedom of speech so we're democratic but the bias and sensationalism
means that we're not so informed when we're voting so now I'll write my thesis while it has
been argued that media in a democratic country allows for freedom of speech through
monopoly control of right wing ideals media today remains biased and sensationalized
towards conservative governments in an election thus the voters remain uninformed that's
what I will argue now note that the words and read will all form one paragraph now that I
have examined the essay question brainstormed written a thesis I can start writing the essay
but remember you'll be referring back to your plan and your thesis throughout the essay
writing process step 1 let's write the introduction I need to have a background statement a
thesis statement and an essay outline so here we have my background statement these are
statement is a outline I won't read the essay I'll assume you can pause the video if you need
to read let's go through the background statement what's included background statement
should have a time indicator such as modern please do not use nowadays it doesn't ever
read well when you write nowadays but moderns a good time indicator so I'm talking about
the time I'm talking about the topic and that is democracy in an informed election and I'm
also referring to the problem of this topic so a background statement should give me time the
subject and perhaps a problem that then leads into the thesis statement which should
include a thesis statement will be a complex sentence it's going to be a fairly long sentence
while as an independent clause it depends on what's next so the through so while it's been
argued that media and a democratic election allows for freedom of speech and you can see I
need to finish this sentence through blah blah blah I have the topic of the essay and that is
democratic election a democratic country media uninformed and the key arguments that are
going to form a paragraph freedom of speech we're not play sensationalized and bias now in
the essay at line you need to have language that indicates that it is an essay outline this
essay will examine I have my topic of the essay democratic elections and inform votes and
the key arguments that will be in each paragraph now let's start writing the essay boded
body paragraphs so remember the paragraph structure topic sentence explain evidence
show analysis conclude my first paragraph is on freedom of speech I have my topic
sentence it's a nice short simple sentence it tells me what tells the reader what will in this
paragraph I explained I given Alice's I give evidence I conclude please note the topic
sentence is a simple sentence containing the key idea of the paragraph only this is your view
do not quote here paragraph 2 I want to talk about bias so I have my topic sentence I explain
I give evidence now note I've given my in my direct quote here so I've got my author's the
date page numbers reporting verb then I have my quotation marks I've used the ellipsis I
haven't used the entire quote just part of it only the most important words I give analysis
generally the analysis will go after the quote because you're showing the reader what you
think here and you conclude pay attention that the concluding sentence is also a simple
sentence and it should just restate the key argument of that paragraph it should be your own
own own language so do not quote paragraph 3 I'm gonna write about sensationalism my
topic sentence explain analysis evidence conclude now note the analysis and evidence it
doesn't have to be explained evidence analysis it can be in any order pay attention that the
language in my analysis said that the impact of this is and this lets the reader know that you
the writer are thinking about the essay question it's not good practice use the first-person but
it is important to show your view so this is how you do it now I've written three body
paragraphs I can conclude the conclusions should state the restate the thesis statement
restate the key arguments and make a recommendation so restate thesis restate our gyun's
and i've made a recommendation my recommendation has tied in with my essay argument
about media ownership so I'm suggesting that media laws needs to reflect democratic
principles now that's the essay so good luck with your exam essay writing please remember
look at the essay question look at the key words brainstorm as much as you can and make
sure that you have clear organization deep breaths I'm sure you'll do well thank you bye bye