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How Many Benefits of Emergency Stairs Evacuation Chair

How Many Benefits of Emergency
Stairs Evacuation Chair ?
Escape Mobility is a leading manufacturer and supplier of
Stairs Evacuation Chair in UAE and GCC. Escape Mobility
ME's escape evacuation Chairs are designed for use in
emergency situations and It is an indispensable solution for
the transport of persons over stairs in the event of a calamity.
We need to be prepared for any
eventuality to get everyone out safely when it comes to
evacuating schools, Hospitals, Commercial Areas, colleges
and universities.
These newer models are designed to meet the changing
needs of customers and adhere to the latest safety
requirements. Escape products are developed in-house,
enabling our research and development department to
respond continuously to the wishes of our customers and any
changes in the latest safety and assurance standards.
Benefits of
Emergency Stairs
Evacuation Chair
Safe and Easy to use
Low weight
Agile as a wheelchair
Multiple options
1. Safe and Easy to use
A person who is in the Evac Chair can not
decline because the battle of the float belts
reduces the boost speed of the evacuation chair
on the steps of the stairs. You can easily and
comfortably keep everything under control.
Low Weight
The Evac Chair doesn’t weigh very much and can be lifted with one hand, easily
and comfortably meeting the weight claim of the Working Conditions Act.
With the included wall hooks you can easily and efficiently hang the Evac Chair
on the wall. The dust cover establish that the chair stays secure and clean.
Quick Guide on How to use Evac Chairs
Step 1: Locate Evacuation Chair
Step 2: Uncover and Unhook
Step 3: Unbuckle to open and Pull Up extension handle
Step 4: Open seat and unlock foot brake to bring wheels out
Step 5: Seat individual and buckle torso and head
Step 6: Tap foot breaks in and push down stairwell
Step 7: Push down extension handle to go down stairs
Step 8: On ground level lift Evac chair, to bring out back wheels