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Sell Diamonds NYC
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55 W 47th St, #203D
New York, NY 10036
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
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That’s right, you will find out the main store is based right in the heart of the famous Diamond District, right here
in New York. The diamond district is where it all happens! And that is exactly why we have chosen this section of
NY to be the home of our business. By being constantly amid the action, we can well and truly keep our fingers on
the pulse of the fast moving diamond trade.
Sell Diamonds in NYC. If you are looking to sell diamonds in NYC, then you have found the right place. We
specialize in buying diamonds in all forms, we buy engagement rings, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, rare
diamonds, melee diamonds, small diamonds, large diamonds over 4ct., rare exotic gems and more.
No matter what kinds of diamonds or other valuable items you have, we’re here to buy it from you. We’ve been in
this industry for years and have built a strong reputation as the most trusted buyers who offer the highest prices in
the area.
Since we pay so much more than the competitors we continuously get referral and repeat customers who sell us
their diamonds. You can see how this has helped to grow our business to be the successful diamond buyers we are
today. We love working with diamonds and we want to help you to sell yours today!
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