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Project Design requirements

CPE111 Project Design requirements
1. Group must comprise of a maximum 3 members.
2. Project designs are based from simple operating functions only comprising of at least 3
different types of logic gates.
3. Prepare your titles and a short explanation of the design project. (short bond paper)
4. Titles for the design project are subject for approval. Once titles are approved grouping
is finalized and only approved titles are scrutinized during defense. Deadline for the title
approval/change of project title is on the 7th week. Deadline for defense schedule is on
8th week (scheduled on 9th or 10th week during my vacant periods).
5. Design prototype must be working according to the logic games or simple operating
function specified. The design prototype should be made up of simple logic gates like
7400(NAND), 7402(NOR), 7404(NOT), 7408(AND), 7432(OR), 7486(XOR) and 74266
(XNOR) only.
6. Test the combinational circuit using any circuit simulator software. (TinaPro, MultiSim,
SPICE, etc.)
7. Hardcopy of the design project documentation (follow the format uploaded).
8. Documentation should be included during project presentation.
9. Project presentation defense must be scheduled starting before 9th week up to 10th
week only and projects are returned by the 11th week (during my vacant periods only).
Make sure your group members are available.