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Statehood Timeline
Early Sault
Ste Marie
Ste. Marie is the oldest city in
Michigan and one of the oldest
cities in the United States.
visited (1615–22) by the
French-Canadian explorer Étienne
mission was founded in late
1668 by Jacques Marquette
1797 the Northwest Fur
company created a canal and,
"locks of sorts", on the Canadian
side of St. Marys River.
Antoine Laumet
de La Mothe
in present-day Michigan as
commandant of the important frontier post of
Mackinac (1694–97).
permission from King Louis
XIV, Cadillac established a Great Lakes furtrading post and founded Fort-Pontchartrain
du Détroit, later called Detroit.
returned to Quebec, then travelled
to Montreal where he gathered canoes,
farmers, traders, artisans, soldiers, and Native
Americans to accompany him on his quest .
The men set sail for founding Detroit on June
4, 1701.
governed there until 1710, when his
enemies in Quebec and Paris forced his
removal to the new French colony of
city of Cadillac, Mich.; Cadillac
Mountain, Maine; and the Cadillac
automobile are named for him.
In 1715 French soldiers constructed
Fort Michilimackinac.
This fortified community became the
great fur trade center of the
It moved into British control in 1761
The Fort was hard to defend
therefore the British moved it to
Mackinac Island in 1780-1781
Michigan becomes its own territory.
1787 - Michigan becomes part of the Northwest Territory of
the United States.
1796 - The British finally leave Detroit.
1805 becomes its own territory
1812 - The British retake Detroit at the start of the War of 1812.
1813 - The Americans take back Michigan and Detroit after winning
the Battle of Lake Erie.
1825 - The Erie Canal is opened providing easier travel to Michigan.
The Northwest Ordinance is passed
July 13 1787
the authors of the Northwest Ordinance (probably Nathan Dane
and Rufus King) spelled out a plan that was subsequently used as
the country expanded to the Pacific
a division of the Northwest Territory "not less than three nor more
than five States"
provided a method for admitting new states to the Union from the
territory, and listed a bill of rights guaranteed in the territory.
"Mad" Anthony Wayne
The battle Fallen Timbers
Due to his victory at Fallen Timbers he forced Little Turtle
and the other native american leaders to sign the treaty
of greenville
The war that gave Wayne undying fame wasn’t a
cakewalk for him. He suffered a number of serious
The reason he was called "Mad Anthony" was because
of his fiery temper
In 1792 Wayne was appointed by Pres. George
Washington to serve as commander in chief of the
modest U.S. Army,
General “Mad” Anthony
Wayne takes on the
Native Americans at the
Battle of Fallen Timbers.
20 1794
Battle of Fallen Timbers, was
the last major conflict of the
Northwest Territory Indian War
between Native Americans and the
United States.
Native Americans got
destoryed in this battle.
let to the greenvile treaty
begin signed
The Greenville Treaty is signed given Indian Land in
Michigan to the Americans
Aug 3 1795
On August 3, 1795, Wayne, Little Turtle, and their delegations met at
Fort Greenville (now Greenville Ohio) to conclude the treaty
The reason of the Greenville treaty is because the American colonist
wanted the land from the Native people because they were
migrating from the east.
Both sides agreed to a termination of hostilities and an exchange of
prisoners, and Little Turtle authorized a redefinition of the border
between the United States and Indian lands
William Hull
Hull joined the American army
during the Revolutionary War
He was Govornor of Michigan from
His invasion of Canada was clumsy
and poorly planned; he retreated to
Detroit and eventually, on Aug. 16,
1812, without a fight, surrendered his
army and forts to the British
A court martial later convicted him
of cowardice and neglect of duty
and sentenced him to death.
President James Madison approved
the findings but remitted the
General Hull Surrendered
Fort Detroit to the British
and Native Americans in
the War of 1812
15-16, 1812
and British soldiers gathered around
Fort Detroit, which was enough to scare
General Hull who surrendered, and the
British soldiers took the American soldiers to
prison in Canada
1814, William Hull was court-martialed for
cowardice and neglect of duty in
surrendering the fort, and sentenced to
the capture of Fort Detroit, Michigan
Territory was declared a part of Great Britain
Lewis Cass
He rose to brigadier general in the War of 1812 and
was appointed Michigan's second territorial governor.
was governor of Michigan Territory from 1813 to
directed the conduct of the Black Hawk and
Seminole wars.
the 1848 presidential campaign, Cass was the
Democratic nominee but was defeated by the Whig
candidate, Zachary Taylor.
served as secretary of state (1857–60) under
President James Buchanan, but he retired from the
post when the president refused to take a firmer
stance against the secession of the Southern states.
steered Michigan to statehood and designed
the state's Coat of Arms.
founded the Historical Society of Michigan in
The War of 1812
ends on
Christmas Eve
Dec 24 1814
The United States declared war on Britain
In the months following the U.S. declaration of
war, American forces launched a three-point
invasion of Canada,
The treaty of Ghent was signed which ended
the war in 1814 on christmas eve.
The Erie Canal is built
creating a short cut to
Lake Erie and Michigan.
in 1817 July 4 finished in 1825
Erie Canal is a 363-mile
waterway that connects the Great
Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the
Hudson River in upstate New York.
canal transformed New York City
into the young nation’s economic
Erie Canal was enlarged twice to
fit wider and deeper boats.
The Treaty of Saginaw
Treaty of Saginaw was made in 1819 24 sep
The amount of land ceded amounted to about six million acres
North East LP.
A gathering of 2000 Native Americans, predominantly Ojibwe and
other Three Fires' tribes, met with General Cass and many other
diplomats, interpreters, and traders to begin treaty talks.
Gen. Cass writes to the Secretary of War regarding his task to obtain
land through the upcoming negotiations.
Cholera reached
Detroit aboard the
steamship the
Henry Clay
July 2nd 1832
Sailed from Buffalo to Detroit to
deliver soldiers and ammo
There came sudden deaths on the
Captain Walker wrote that the
Henry Clay and Superior were
forced to remain at Fort Gratiot
because of the Asiatic Cholera
"Boy Governor"
Stevens T. Mason
first elected governor
in 1834, Porter died of cholera, and the then
twenty-two-year old Mason became full-time
acting governor. He was later elected
governor in his own right.
was governor of Michigan from 1834-
was Governor under The Toledo war
popularity declined after
Michigan writes its first State
They wrote this get Michigan to be a state
6299 approved Michigan to be a state, only 1359 said no you are
not allowed to do that
The 1835 Constitution has been praised by many political scientists
Toledo war
This was not a war, Michigan invaded Ohio killed zero
people, after that Ohio invaded Michigan killed zero
When Michigan attempted statehood in 1835 Ohio
blocked it, because that if they went through likes this
the border of Michigan would take Toledo from
Ohio(which was a big economic resource).
Because Michigan territory didn't have that much
money, they got forced into signing the deal with Ohio
that they got Toledo back, and The U.S government
got 13 million acres North Western LP and UP, Which they
gave to MIchigan because they signed to be a state
March 28, 1836
The Washington Treaty was that the
Anishnaabek people gave 13 million
acres to the U.S government, in return the
treaty guaranteed the Anishnaabek
permanent reservation lands and
perpetual access to natural resources,
including hunting and fishing rights. But
when the Anishnaabek people left
Washington, the Congress people
changed it to only 5 years.
The area ceded to the U.S. government
by the 1836 Treaty of Washington
represents almost 40% of the current land
area of the state of Michigan.
Without this land, the Michigan Territory
could not have been granted statehood
and admitted to the Union.
becomes a state
and is officially a
part of the Union
26 1837
reason why it first became a
part of the union in 1837 instead of
1835 when the paper was signed
was because of the Toledo war with
land was given to
Michigan, the part of the state
known as the Upper Peninsula
derived its name from
the Indian word "Ojibwa"
The Native American People
The early settlers had problems with The Native American people
because they were encroaching upon Tribal lands, The Native
American sometimes respond in forces which led to many clashes
between The early settlers and Native Americans.
Food and Agriculture
Another negative thing early settlers had to deal with was to find
food and living in another way than they were used too. They also
needed to find out how to survive the cold winters in Michigan and
how to build stuff so it could withstand Michigan's weather.
The threat of constant war
Another negative thing could be all the constant wars between the
Native American, the British and The French fighting against each
other. This caused many deaths and many rotations in who owned
which land because of all the fighting.
Property rights
There werent clear property rights, which could mean that you could
end up getting in fights with other people which could claim that I was
their land and that you was on their property or it could end up getting
to a war if it was between different nations and not just people
Swamp land
Much of Michigan wasn’t settelted because it was considered
swamp land, would mean that it was hard to settle at and grow
crops and stuff in very wet land, so it wasn’t settled at all before later
3 Steps to Statehood
The First try: Territorial Governor Stevns T. Mason announced that
Michigan was ready to become a State, but the congress said no.
Congress said that Michigan had to work for it
The rules: Second the people of Michigan needed to write a
constitution is a set of laws how the government is going to work. On
October 5 1835 Michigan voters accepted the constitution and elected
Stevens T. Mason an the first Governor.
No Fighting with Ohio: Before Michigan could become a state, it had
to stop fighting with Ohio. Ohio and Michigan both said they owned this
little land that is where Toledo is today which was a very
important money source. Congress didn’t allow Michigan to become a
State before they reached an agreement with Ohio.
10 Obscure laws in Michigan
1st law: "The last Sunday in June of every year was named “log
cabin day”.
2nd law: "You may not swear in front of women and
children." (Repealed, 2002)
About this law.
3rd law: "Any person over the age of 12 may have a license for a
handgun as long as he/she has not been convicted of a felony".
4th law: "Willfully destroying your old radio is prohibited."
5th law: "Anyone can keep their cow on Main Street downtown at a
cost of 3 cents per day".
10 Obscure laws in Michigan
6th law: "It is illegal to kill a dog using a decompression chamber."
7th law: "It is illegal to let your pig run free in Detroit unless it has a
ring in its nose."
8th law: "Persons may not be drunk on trains."
9th law: "It is legal for a robber to file a lawsuit, if he or she got hurt in
your house."
10th law: "There is a 3 cent bounty for each starling and 10 cent
bounty for each crow killed in any village, township, or city in the
state. (Repealed, 2006)"
My law Michigan should adopt
I think that Michigan should create a law where when you buy gas
you pay 30 cent per Gallon extra to improve the roads. In the long
run you would probally earn money on it because then so you
would probally get less car damage on your cars from the roads if
they was better. And you can see from other countrys where they
use their tax money to pay for the roads and they doesn’t have that
many chrashes from The roads.(Denmark)
EEE is a virus that you can be unfortunate to get through
mosquitoes. EEE can be a deadly virus, 5 people have died from EEE
so far in Michigan. EEE has been confirmed in nine people in
Michigan.It takes 4 to 10 days after the bite from an infected
mosquito to develop symptoms of EEE. Symptoms include sudden
onset of fever, chills, body and joint aches, severe encephalitis,
headache, disorientation, tremors, seizures, and paralysis.
"People who experience symptoms are urged to see a doctor as
soon as possible. Those infected could get permanent brain
damage, go into a coma, or die."
EEE solution
There are 2 ways that you could possible stop EEE. 1 of the ways you
could stop EEE is to get a frost(a frost is when there have been
below 32 in more than 4 hours. Another way you could do it is to
spray with a spray that is going to kill mosquitoes but that would also
kill other animals and injurie other animals. Michigan is predicted first
to get a frost in the beginning of November, so we need to hope on
to get a frost as fast as possible.