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biol2020 assignment1

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1. Which of he following statements are false about enzymes.
a. Enzymes increase the rate of reactions by lowering the energy barrier.
b. Enzymes act by facilitating the formation of the transition state.
c. Enzymes are catalysts and are consumed during the reaction.
d. Enzymes are catalysts and are not consumed during the reaction.
e. Enzymes do not change the position of the equilibrium.
2. Which of the following is true about Tyrosine.
a. Tyrosine is a non-polar amino acid.
b. Tyrosine is an acidic amino acid.
c. Tyrosine contains a ring in its side chain.
d. The three-letter abbreviation for Tyrosine is Thr.
e. The one letter abbreviation for Tyrosine is T.