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Summary writing

Lesson Plan
Session title
Travel and sport ( Reading and discussing)
Grade- 9 G
Learner group
60 minutes
Group size
Learning aims
Identifying paragraph topics. Selecting summary points. Summary technique. Summary writing.
A statement which provides the scope of
the subject and the overall intent of the
Learning objectives
At the end of the lesson students will:
What are learners expected to learn after
completing the lesson? These should be
specific and able to be assessed.
All students: will be able to know paragraphing, build an adequate stock of current words and phrases, identifying bullet points and
Most students: are able to understand the theme and identify the key points and write in their own words
Some students: face difficulties to identify key points and paraphrase.
How will you make your lesson inclusive?
Lesson plan template
Warm up before starting the lesson
Brain storming
Showing video
Discussion/ q/a session
Lesson Plan
What are you doing?
What are your students doing?
Learning materials and resources
10 minutes
Warm up and brain storming about the topic.
Try to understand the topic
White board marker
10 minutes
Reading and discussion
Read and understand the theme
10 minutes
Asking questions about the topic
Try to interact with teacher through question
20 minutes
Ask them to write a summary within 120 words
Students write the Summary within 120 words
10 minutes
Showing a short video
Students write the Summary within 120 words
Use as many rows in the table as applicable – add rows if necessary
Lesson Evaluation: Include what you feel went well and what you would like to improve.
Most of the students seemed enthusiastic to engage themselves in thinking method to understand the topic, answering the questions, finding out the
key points and writing within 120 words. Few of them struggled to find out the synonym words and writing on their own. I tried to make them understand
and assisted to think about the synonym words by giving hints. I provided present facts, ideas and opinions in a cohesive order to enhance their interest
. I listened and responded to their questions and answers. At last I appreciated their participation.
Lesson plan template
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