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Cover Letter Tip Sheet

Cover Letter Tip Sheet
Think of the cover letter as a way to say something that is not on your resume. What else do employers
need to know about you?
o Try to come up with creative/catchy opening
o Should be addressed as ‘Dear Mr. Adamson’ or ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ instead of to
whom it may concern. Make an effort to find out who the hiring manager is and address
it to the individual rather than just ‘hiring manager’. Utilize Linked-in and the company’s
website, you’ll be able to find out rather quickly.
o Mention in the opening where you heard about the job if it was through a referral
(include person’s name)
o Optional: Mention where you came across the job posting – preferably in the opening
o Speak about skills and job experiences
 Make sure to include information that adds value to the resume (do not copy
word for word what is on your resume)
o Include only relevant information
o Use this space to sell yourself (more substance and examples)
o Make sure the content connects with each other
o Under your name or signature, put the word Enclosure (means that you are enclosing
your resume with your cover letter)
o Call to action (make it active)
 Avoid saying, “I look forward to hearing from you soon.”
 Instead, “I will follow-up on my application with you by the end of next week.”
Formatting and Grammar
o Keep spacing and font size consistent
o Make sure you know the definition of the word before using it
o Make sure to have proper heading
 Your contact info
 Date
 Employer’s Name and contact info