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How to Change Password on MSN?

How to Change Password on MSN?
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How to Change Password on MSN?
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of all we will understand what is MSN? MSN is a web portal and collection of
internet services apps for windows, mobile devices provided by Microsoft.
When we have used your pc for some work, we faced many problems, but we
don’t know what is going on with our computers. MSN has become a brand
name with a variety of products and services. Since MSN (Microsoft Network)
and Windows Live are technically different services but both comprise lots of
similar features. You can easily log into the MSN account with your Windows
Live account name and password. If you want to get more information so
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you will solve your msn problems.
The Process to Sign in MSN account
1.First of all, you should go to Google.
2.Type the msn.com in the Google search bar.
3.When you will do it you will land on the msn.com page.
4.Then click on Sign in.
The Process to Reset an MSN Password –
1.Go to msn.com websites
2.Select password Reset.
3.Enter the email address of the Microsoft account requiring a
password reset.
4.Enter the shown characters and pick ' Next.
5.The choices you see here are the options for resetting your
account's password.
6.When you will do it you will wait for a verification code.
7.Put the verification code which will come in your email or mobile
8.The link you want to submit. Get instant MSN forgot password
The Process to Change an MSN Password –
1. Type the msn.com in Google search bar.
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. To change the MSN account password, click the ' Change MSN
Code ' button.
4. Enter the current password, then enter the new password, and
enter the password again.
5. When you will do it verify it and click on the Save button.
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