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Globalization has had major effects on the corporate culture of DELL

Globalization has had major effects on the corporate culture of DELL, in the global
environment DELL has also benefited from the technological advancements.
Globalization has enabled DELL to improve its Productivity and the
competitiveness, this is the function of knowledge which is generated due to the
information processing by the globalized firms and the territorial organization into
the networks of production, management and distribution, All of DELL’s core
economic activities are global since they have the capacity to work as an individual
unit in the real time.
The technological advancements combined with increased rate of globalization
increases the importance of developing the corporate culture, for economic
necessity/social demands, and for resource availabilities which affects the scope and
the pace of technological adoption in each industry and the consuming community.
DELL is committed to the highest ethical standards, it does the right thing and
operate with the integrity and transparency, DELL has build and maintained
credibility and trust with its employees, the customers, partners, stockholders, and
the community
Dell’s global principles guide the company as it globalizes its operations, enters new
markets, and expands its global employment base. Dell’s goal is to be a green
company to the communities where its products are consumed.
The company is committed to using its unique direct businesses to model and make
technology more affordable and accessible to people and all the institutions around
the world in order to take the advantage of the tremendous economic and the social
benefits of more technological advancements. To achieve its objectives. DELL has
done the following:
 It has grown its global employment base to tap the diverse ideas and new
skills, this has increased its understanding of the global customer needs by
bringing the desirable technology and new jobs to the world community.
 It has developed the global network of suppliers aimed at improving the
performance and lowering the cost of its systems
To improve on its corporate social responsibility DELL has devised a direct way of
working delivers ensures that value is delivered to its customers:
 Its employees. DELL treats all the employees with high dignity and respect a
factor which provides the opportunity for all of its employees to succeed.
 Consuming community. DELL has strived to be an eco-friendly company
which is responsible to the community and for environmental stewardship.
 Its global suppliers and their employees. DELL ensures that its acts are ethical
and also encourages responsibility in terms of employment of the
environmental practices from its suppliers.
Dell has made it clear that it will grow its global operations and manage its expansion
responsibly with respect to its corporate culture by observing the following:
 It will conserve the natural environment and protect all the resources of its
host countries and the consuming communities.
 It will provide high quality jobs with good benefits through the employee
training in the new communities, and provide the work environment which
protects the health and the safety of the employees, customers, contractors,
and the general public.
 It will always communicate its expectations to its suppliers and work in
collaboration with its employees to promote high standards of work and
 It will maintain respect to the laws, values and the culture of its host countries.
 Ensuring positive contribution to the community, both individually and
In cases where DELL will establish its business in the new locations, it will give
maximum support to the local authorities in order to provide jobs and create
numerous employment opportunities through the following
It will create new opportunities for its qualified individuals that are either
unemployed or underemployed;
It will provide the ongoing on-the-job training programs and the professional
growth opportunities.
Instill a culture of” the best performers do best”
Develop a breed of knowledgeable the workers.
DELL is determined to ensure that its suppliers around the world understands and
embraces the high standards of ethical behavior by treating their employees with
high dignity and respect, it’s therefore a requirement that all the suppliers should
partner up and adhere to Dell’s supplier principles.
To achieve this DELL will play an active role in the industrial group developing and
the promotion code of Ethics. It will also continually solicit and make reviews for
the feedback of the stakeholder organizations.
DELL will also work with the local authorities in every region of its operation and
stakeholders to by understanding the community priorities and draft means of how
it can play the role of addressing the community environmental issues.