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ABA After Six

ABA After Six
Learning to Learn
o Task Compliance
o Following a Classroom Routine
o Working With Delayed Reward Systems
o Social Interactions and Sharing/Turn Taking
Starting Relationships
o Completing Chores
o Following a Daily Schedule
o Accepting Being Told ‘No’
o Increased Ability to Wait for Preferred Things
o Increasing Choice Making
Safety Skills
o Stranger Danger
o Avoiding Dangerous Items
o Appropriate Internet and Cell Phone Usage
o Managing Aversive Situations
o Safe Sex Habits
Encouraging Independence
o Helping Prepare Simple Meals
o Completing Self Care
o Shopping From a List
o Navigating the Community
o Managing Personal Schedule
Entering the Workforce
o Interviewing Practice
o Work Skills Training
o Shadowing in the Workplace
o Social Skills in the Workplace
 Maybe thru the state
Funding Contracts
Coding for hybrid billing (group with individual)
Use of LLP in the group billing group
o LLP/MSW family counseling during individual
Run as ‘pilot’ or full roll out?
Managing all of an individual circles
o St Joes: initial training on autism, best practice, resources, referrals