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Content Map for Lesson Sequence

Central Theme for Lesson Plan Sequence:

I can teach others-Students will recognize the characteristics of effective teaching as they explore the nature, responsibilities, rewards, and career opportunities in the teaching profession.

Standard(s) or Indicator(s) to be covered in unit:

Descriptor 1: Students will describe the traits of an ideal teacher.

Descriptor 2: Students will identify the roles and responsibilities of teachers.

Descriptor 11: Students will compare various types of schooling options.

Descriptor 4: Students will plan and deliver a lesson.

Content to be covered:

55 min Lesson

Personal, Physical, and

Professional characteristics of the ideal teacher.

Content to be covered:

55 min Lesson

Students will identify the roles and responsibilities of teachers.

Content to be covered:

90 min Lesson

Students will compare

5 types of schooling options for at all education levels.

Content to be covered:

90 min Lesson

Students will plan & deliver a lesson.

Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective:

I can "Frankenstein" our ideal teacher.

Create a collage to see how accurate their assumptions of teachers are.

Create an advertisement for the post high school source of education they choose.

Students can teach their table how the play the board or card game they chose.

Presentation: Presentation: Presentation: Presentation:

I give a mini lecture on

3 teachers who had a major impact on me

Organize real social media posts on a Venn

Diagram. Are they

1 st time-Explain my

Montessori school & method to help them

I teach the kids how to play a man, bear, ninja.

because of their positive traits. complaints of my fellow teachers, my friends in corporate settings, or both? understand how different schools can be.

2 nd -Go through pics that represent my top

10 memories of college

Then break down the basic teaching strategies I used like describe, demonstrate, do etc. What learning styles they appealed to.

Guided Practice: Guided Practice: Guided Practice: Guided Practice:

Students create a personal list of ideal personal, physical, and professional characteristics of the ideal teacher. Then they compile a group list.

Interview teachers in groups of 2 or 3.

1 st time-Research high school options in the area

2nd-Research college options

They choose their game then create scripts to plan out their instructions.









Students create a

Frankenstein ideal teacher by putting together the traits they chose.

Fill out a Venn Diagram

& answer reflection questions.

1 st time

2 nd time-Create an ad video that explains why other students should choose the college you did.

Teaching their group & playing each the game for 10 min

Closure: Closure: Closure: Closure:

Journal reflection on if they are displaying these traits they want teachers to show them.

Write a letter of appreciation to a teacher now that you understand all they do.

Persuasive letter of intent to the college they want o go to.

Reflection sheet over what worked & didn’t for teaching the game.

Checklist of strategies used, learning styles targeted, etc

Assessment: Assessment: Assessment: Assessment:

Formal-Grading the

Ideal Teacher


Informal-In the

Presentation section I ask them to share what the key traits were for each of my teachers. Also look over the Closure journal questions

Formal-The collage & interview answers

Informal-The Venn

Diagram questions and letters they write

Summative Authentic-

Video of college advertisement

Authentic-teaching their peers how to plan a game

Hook: Hook/Bellwork: Hook/Bellwork: Hook/Bellwork:

Reminisce on past teachers you liked and why. Use their school pennant from last unit if they say “I can’t think of anyone”. Let them move based on answer.

News story clip on teachers protesting around the country.

Show a recruitment video for 2 different schools.

Show some pics of elementary kids’ work where they made a mistake with funny results (to an appropriate extent).

Also pics of sarcastic test answers from older kids.