Area Polynomials

Area with Polynomials
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Directions: Look carefully!
1. Write the area of each of the four sections of each rectangular figure on the diagram. Then find the
total area by adding the four answers. Now, find the area of the entire diagram by using the area
formula A = l · w. Compare the two area answers.
Show work for A=l•w:
Area by adding parts:____________________
Area with formula:______________________
Show work for A=l•w:
Area by adding parts:_____________________
Area with formula:_______________________
2. Write a polynomial expression for the area of each figure. The diagrams are composed of
rectangular figures. Assume angles appearing to be right angles are right angles.
a.) AREA =
b.) AREA =
c.) AREA=
d.) AREA=
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3. Write a polynomial expression for the area of the shaded portion of each rectangular figure. Then
using your expression and the given information, find the actual numerical values requested. All
figures are rectangles.
a.) Area of shaded region = 100 square units. b.) Area of shaded region = 139 square units.
Shaded Area Expression:
Actual value of x:
Shaded Area Expression:
Area Large rect. =
Area Small rect. =
Actual value of x:
Check Shaded area =
Area Large rect =
Area Small rect =
Check Shaded area =
BONUS: Something is WRONG with this problem.
Can you find what is wrong? Be sure to show your work.
Area of shaded region = 72 square units.
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